Zendesk has launched the next generation of its cloud-based customer service platform, setting what it calls a new standard in the consumerisation of enterprise software. The new Zendesk has been rebuilt from the ground up with a sleek interface touting a new set of innovative features and a visionary application framework, known as Zendesk Apps that will help companies make customer service the centre of their business. It is also the largest deploy to date on Ember, an emerging, cutting-edge JavaScript development framework for building groundbreaking web applications.

 In addition, Zendesk today announced the completion of $60 million of new financing.  “Since we released Zendesk in 2007, the world has dramatically changed its perspective on customer service,” said Zendesk founder and CEO Mikkel Svane.

“Consumers are more empowered than ever, forcing companies to completely rethink how they engage with their customers. Today’s consumers expect ubiquitous, real-time customer service that is transparent and authentic. And companies are remodelling their customer relationships from being transactional-based to lifetime-value based. Zendesk is extremely well positioned to lead this market, and the new funding will make Zendesk, the new face of customer service, a globally recognisable brand.”

Zendesk’s stunning new interface, mirroring the best of social media and consumer application single-page design, helps businesses interact with their customers in a familiar, conversational way, without sacrificing scalability or automation.

Customers today communicate much differently than customers did just two years ago, and the new Zendesk seamlessly integrates communication channels such as live chat, social media, online communities, with email and phone support into a single interface.

Zendesk Apps, a new innovative application framework, allows an organisation to extend Zendesk’s functionality with internal and third-party systems, making it easy for customer service to complement and integrate with a company’s other business critical applications.


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