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Internal Communications Conference

The Conference will take an in depth look at the fast changing world of internal communications and how it is increasingly taking on the critical employee engagement role that has too often been neglected by those in HR.

The way we work is changing rapidly. Our people are becoming more mobile with access to more and more sophisticated technology. The way we communicate with our people must also change and we will look at how organisations are grappling with the challenges thrown up by the seismic changes in the way we work. 

At the Internal Communications Conference, delegates will learn how internal communications can deliver effective employee engagement across the entire organisation and how to create a strategy for the entire employee journey. The focus will be on those organisations that are driving towards competitive advantage by getting their employee communications strategies right.

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Mediocre technology causing 1.8 billion annual lost hours of work in UK

UK office workers waste 1.8 billion working hours every year because the technology they’re given isn’t good enough, research from Insight has revealed. The survey of 2,000 UK office workers also showed that more than a third (34%) of employees said that not being equipped with the right technology makes remote and flexible working difficult […]

Amazon marketplace investigated by EU

EU anti-trust regulators have opened an investigation into Amazon after allegations that it misuses “sensitive data” from independent retailers who sell on the online giant’s website. Anti-trust commissioner Margrethe Vestager said she would take “a very close look” at its business practices. The European Commission said it would examine Amazon’s standard contracts with marketplace sellers. […]

Employees embrace AI in the workplace, but want more training

Employees in UK businesses are optimistic about the future impact of artificial intelligence (AI) on their jobs according to a nationwide study conducted by Genesys. The survey found nearly two-thirds of employees value new technological tools such as AI in the workplace. In fact, 64% of UK employees say it makes them more effective and […]

Retraining for AI job losses

Workers whose jobs might become obsolete as a result of automation are to receive help in retraining from a new national government scheme. Up to 20 million manufacturing jobs around the world could be replaced by robots by 2030, according to analysis firm Oxford Economics. The scheme will support workers by helping them find a new […]

Why we should embrace AI’s disruptive potential

Nikolas Kairinos, CEO and Founder, Over the next few decades, artificial intelligence (AI) is set to thoroughly reshape the way society functions. Nothing is more indicative of the technology’s potential than the fact that the world’s biggest tech companies are already placing AI tools at the heart of their products and services. As someone […]

Government should not manage railways says review

The man tasked with working out how to improve UK railways says a ‘Fat Controller’ type figure, independent from government, should be in charge of day-to-day operations. The former boss of British Airways, Keith Williams, said government involvement should be limited to overall policy and budget decisions. But he said the Department for Transport should […]

Wage growth at highest since 2008 with record numbers in employment

Wage growth in the UK accelerated to 3.6% in the year to May 2019, the highest rate since 2008, according to Office for National Statistics figures. Wages have been outpacing inflation since March 2018. A record high of 32.75 million people were in employment up to the end of May, while 1.29 million were out of […]

Uber ties some exec pay to diversity

Uber has said it will link pay for some senior executives to progress made toward improving diversity. Diversity will be used as one ‘key metric’ to assess performance and determine executive compensation for senior leaders, the firm said. The policy also sets a target to increase the number of women in senior roles to 35% […]

Amazon workers launch protests on prime day

Thousands of workers in Amazon sites around the world are staging protests about pay and conditions as the online retailer begins its annual sale. On Monday, Amazon starts offering discounts to its Prime service members. Unions say that 2,000 workers are on strike in Germany, while in the US, workers in a Minnesota centre reportedly […]

AI use in fraud detection to triple by 2021

While only 13% of organisations use artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to detect and deter fraud, another 25% plan to adopt such technologies in the next year or two – a nearly 200% increase. Fraud examiners revealed this and other anti-fraud tech trends in a cross-industry, global survey by the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE), […]