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The majority of Britons would like to see an improved cycling infrastructure across the UK, even if it means taking longer to get to work. More than 70% of people supported the idea of having more cycle tracks built on main roads in their area, a poll by YouGov for British Cycling found.

Among those who commute by driving, walking or using public transport, 79.4% backed the idea of having more cycle lanes if it meant the time it took them to get to work remained the same or their journey was quicker.

Some 71.4% supported building segregated cycle tracks if it meant adding a minute to their own journey times, and more than half (54.1%) were still happy to see more cycle lanes if they increased their own commute by five minutes.

The results come as over 40 businesses from British Cycling’s Choose Cycling Network, including Tesco, GSK and Santander, meet at the UCI Track Cycling World Championships in London to discuss how to build on recent cycling progress in the capital and how to replicate this across the UK.

Chris Boardman, British Cycling policy adviser, said: “This YouGov poll shows us, yet again, that the vast majority of the public want to see more cycle tracks on main roads.

“This is what people are telling their democratically elected leaders they want; meaningful resource to deliver segregated infrastructure on an ambitious scale to unlock the benefits cycling can offer our society.

“Leading businesses in the Choose Cycling Network are also telling me they want to see investment in cycling because a more active workforce reduces absenteeism and increases productivity.”

“Business wants it, the public want it, the environment and the health service needs it. I really don’t understand what we are waiting for.”

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