With Valentine’s Day upon us new research reveals that women across the country are looking for love online, and not in the way we’ve all become accustomed with. It seems that women are looking for love from companies and brands in return for sharing their positive experiences online – after all, it’s a two-way relationship. With two thirds of women keen to endorse companies, half of which also expect something in return – not just a short term fling.

The independent survey commissioned by SAP UK (Limited) of over 1,000 UK online shoppers, reveals how companies should be courting consumers online. 64% of women actually tell their social networks about a great experience purely for the feel good factor it gives them. However, 33% of women also agree that companies should reward people for making genuinely positive comments about them on social media.

Companies must also offer direct and personal responses on social media to build lasting relationships with consumers. Approximately a quarter – 29% of men, 23% of women – would stop using or buying from a company or brand and take their business elsewhere if they don’t receive a direct and personal response, in a timeframe acceptable to them.

Further findings found women (58%), more than men (53%), see social media as a great opportunity for companies to learn more about them through monitoring conversations. Listening to, and engaging with consumers on social media will enable companies to continually improve upon personal relationships, and avoid the risk of a love affair ensuing with competitors.

Key lessons for companies looking to woo consumers online


  • Build a long-term meaningful relationship: Stay in touch with your customer to keep them coming back for more. 73% of women and 64% of men appreciate regular contact and follow-up from brands, particularly where negative social media comments are concerned


  • Avoid the temptation of love affairs: Respond quickly to social media comments and avoid your customers developing affairs with competitors. Whilst women (72%) are more demanding of a quick response, men (62%) don’t want to wait either


  • Create intimate relationships: Both women (78%) and men (65%) request personal responses, get to know your customer and your customer will get to know you


Roland Van Breukelen, Solution Adviser, SAP Cloud, EMEA, said: “Companies have a great opportunity this Valentine’s Day to provide consumers with the sort of service that creates lasting loyal relationships. Listening to and engaging with customers is crucial; avoiding the hearts and flowers approach, instead opting for more meaningful contact. To do this, companies need to ensure that all social media messages are personal; and by personal I mean truly knowing who you are speaking to – knowing their purchase history, details of previous positive or negative comments, any past issues, how they like to be communicated with. This is the power of social media, and now is the time for companies to understand how to use it to their advantage and to demonstrate their love and commitment to their customers.”



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