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Businesses have weathered the storm through Covid-19 lockdown and into the first stages of 2021. As we emerge into a second quarter post lockdown we take a look at why motivating your employees is absolutely key to business success in 2021. In this article we look at ways that business can identify opportunities to boost team morale and company productivity.

More productive at home

During lockdown, businesses were forced to adapt to change at breakneck speed towards becoming fully remote. Suddenly all staff meetings became online affairs and almost 100% of meetings were held online through video conferencing. New research from the CIPD has shown that a third of employers have said that having employees working from home during Covid 19 has boosted productivity compared to the previous year.

Many employees have found that their productivity and overall motivation increased with more freedom to divide their time and plan their work flexibly around their day to day routine. The absence of a daily commute was key to employee wellbeing with employees gaining multiple hours back a week which they could devote to other areas of their lives.

Focusing on wellness

Jesper Schultz is the CEO and cofounder of BasicOps confirms this saying that giving his employees increased flexibility to plan their day allows the staff to make their own wellness a priority and when it is time to work employees are much more motivated and productive.

Moving out of lockdown employers will have to adapt to offering more working from home days to their staff. This will allow employees to work more flexibly and at times of the day that suit them.

Increased leadership from management

In order to motivate employees CEOs and executive teams must become more visible and lead by example. During the lockdown Unilever CEO Alan Jope increased his visibility through the company by holding weekly zoom catch-ups with staff and often at times being open and honest with his staff about the challenges they all faced.

Employees found it stimulating to be able to engage with the CEO on a weekly basis and the management team were able to provide a clear vision during a difficult time and recognise great work that was happening across the business.

Rewarding staff achievements

Lockdown saw businesses offer employers the chance to easily reward staff for their hard work. Wine and cheese zoom evenings and online cocktail making masterclasses helped to punctuate the weekly lockdown routines and many businesses will look to maintain this level of positive interaction with staff as lockdown comes to an end. More than 7,000 guests have played virtual online games with Steamed Egg in the last year, creating fun and team bonding whilst working remotely.

Now that we are moving into a hopefully more buoyant economy employees are likely to become more empowered and motivated to maintain a stronger work life balance. An employee with the right skill set for the job can become a forerunner in the job market and ultimately decide what companies they would like to work for. The same employee is likely to have an increasing set of demands post covid with many being motivated by  the need to work flexible hours and have a promise of a more flexible work life balance.

Employees also want to know that they are working for a company with a positive impact on the world and a strong ethos for corporate social responsibility (CSR).

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