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Nunwood’s 2015 US Customer Experience Excellence report is one of the largest, most robust customer surveys in the world.   It shows which brands are performing most strongly, what they are doing and how the UK compares to the USA for customer service.

Its findings are based on 7,500 individual responses from US consumers, covering 225 brands. Most importantly each response is based on reviews from actual customers, rather than simply on brand perception, like many surveys.

Comparing the UK to the USA reveals the following:

  • American customers have nicer days.

  • US brands are 5% better, on average than the UK  

  • At current progress, the UK is at least 5 years behind the US

  • Americans are 10 x more likely to be dealing with an ‘outstanding’ company than their UK counterparts.

  • Six of the top 10 brands are better than the UK leader, First Direct.

  • US CEOs appear to take customers more seriously.  They are more likely to bring customers into their boardroom, interact with them on a daily basis and sit at the helm of an organisations that live and breathe customer experience.

  • Legendary US service culture – which was declining in the 1990’s and 2000’s – is back in full swing.  The recent recession has encouraged US brands to return to their core values.


This year’s US winner is financial Services firm USAA, achieving an outstanding performance in a highly competitive market.  Tom Grothues, SVP Financial Foundations, USAA commented:

"USAA service representatives know and respect the noble mission of our membership and this is why they go above and beyond to assist them. We strive to understand and anticipate the needs of our members and continually develop innovative solutions to help meet them."

Alongside USAA popular brands such as: Publix, Amazon, Chick-fil-A and Disney Parks made it into the top ten, showing a variation of customer experience best practice across different sectors. The US CEE top ten can be viewed below:

Top 10 USA 2015 customer experience brands




2015 Score














Disney Parks



Edward Jones



Krispy Kreme






Costco Wholesale



Southwest Airlines


Tim Knight, Senior Partner at Nunwood, said “Whilst there are many examples of great UK brands, excellent customer experiences occur more frequently and more consistently in in the USA.  The way American CEOs run their businesses, their digital investments and business models provide rich sources of learning for UK brands with similar ambitions.”


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About the US CEE Report 2015

The US CEE report ranks the top 100 US brands by the customer experience they provide. The survey is a celebration of excellence, highlighting the brands which go above and beyond to understand how American best practices can be applied to challenges for UK organisations.

To compile the survey, Nunwood uses The Six Pillars of customer experience (see The Six Pillar system here) these are: Personalisation, Integrity, Time and Effort, Expectations, Resolutions, Empathy.




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