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05 Sep 2019

Extraordinary Organisations Need Extraordinary Leadership: How to empower your team, yourself & your organisation

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5th September at 2pm BST / 9am EST / 3pm CET

Leadership development has evolved from hierarchical organisations to agile team structures.  Having the methodology and technology to integrate into a culture that gives value to every employee, has often required a lot of money and time.  During our second “Questback on Leadership” webinar, we’ll discuss how Questback is helping to develop modern leaders and how you can apply these learnings to your own organisation.

The webinar will be presented by two of Questback’s leaders, Maurice Milton (President, North America) and Luke Talbot (VP Product Marketing), who will discuss the following topics from their own personal experiences:
– Delivering extraordinary experiences to improve organisational culture
– Implementing relevant metrics to reduce churn of key talent
– Increase team productivity and how to adapt to change
– Quickly identify gaps, blind spots, hidden-strengths and development areas
– Provide teams with real-time analytics and guides to drive continuous growth

Join us to learn how Extraordinary Experiences are driven by Questback through Leadership.


Steve Hurst

Engage Business Media

Maurice L. Milton


Luke Talbot


Steve Hurst

Editorial Director

Steve is a successful career journalist, thought leader and published author with a wealth of experience in all forms of media, both offline and online, including local and national press, trade and business publications, TV and radio, websites, social media and online web event broadcasting. Since its launch, Engage Customer has rapidly established itself as beacon of thought leadership in a rapidly changing customer environment. Steve is widely recognised as one of the world’s leading journalistic authorities in the fields of customer and employee engagement strategy and the increasingly important role of multichannel customer engagement strategies in business..


Maurice L. Milton

President, North America

Milton has over 25 years of experience serving in key leadership positions at technology giants such as Infor Solutions, Oracle and Microsoft. Most recently at Infor Solutions, Milton served as the Vice President of Sales for High Tech. In this role working with senior leadership, Milton successfully developed, orchestrated and managed strategic relationship with Google, Microsoft and Amazon Corp which resulted in either a GTM, net new revenue or a commitment to partner/co-develop.  Those strategic wins clearly demonstrate Milton understanding of how to maneuver and sell in the enterprise.

His appointment to Questback reinforces the company’s commitment to its U.S.-focused markets and growing customer base. In addition to Milton’s appointment, Questback plans to grow the U.S. team 40% in 2019.

“I am passionate about Questback’s mission to transform data into tangible insight for an organization.  Data alone is meaningless unless it is transformed into insight. Insight that is integrated and embedded across an organization. I am excited to join Questback—a company where innovation and talent are celebrated, but also one that recognizes the business value of giving an organization’s people a voice—customers, employees and consumers at large.”


Luke Talbot

VP Product Marketing

Luke Talbot is a product management executive with over 17 years of experience in B2B software and solutions. Talbot spent over a decade building omnichannel telecoms platforms for the world’s most customer-centric companies, during which time he helped transition contact centre technology from analogue to digital, then digital to VoIP, and finally from on-premise to private and public cloud infrastructure. He has since been part of the ‘feedback revolution’ for over 6 years, starting with IVR and post-call surveys, before moving to Questback in 2014.

Currently VP of Product Marketing for Questback globally, Talbot is focused on connecting the right products to the right people.

“I’m obsessed with helping people achieve the extraordinary; from giving employees a voice so they can make work a great place to be, to getting critical insights from customers to ensure their experience is one they want to repeat again, and again. I love working for Questback because everyone here believes that people matter, and that what they have to say can make a difference – not just at work, but in the wider world. I believe that the products we build together really help keep our customers ahead of the game in delivering just that.”

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Upcoming Webinars

10 Sep 2019

How to communicate with the modern employee

10th September at 12PM BST

Our expectations for communications have increased drastically in the last decade with the proliferation of technologies that deliver valuable information to us. As consumers, we expect information to find us, anywhere, anytime. The same behaviour holds true in an employee communication setting but unfortunately, many businesses still struggle to connect their employees with relevant company and industry information.

This undeniable change is here and naturally, some businesses will respond quickly and thrive, while others face the threat of becoming irrelevant. In this session, we’ll discuss how technology can support the new era of employee communication and help businesses effectively inform and engage their employees.

Join this webinar to learn:

  • How employee communication is evolving to match our communication habits as consumers
  • What you can do to modernise your communications
  • Why simply creating content has zero monetary value (and how to get your content seen, read and shared)
  • How technology can help business track and measure employee engagement


Roope Heinilä


Steve Hurst

Engage Business Media

Roope Heinilä


Roope Heinilä (February 14, 1988) founded Smarp in his living room with university classmate Mikael Lauharanta in 2011. As CEO of Smarp, he has grown the business from a two person startup to a global company with over 70 employees and offices in Helsinki, Stockholm, London and Atlanta. Heinilä has been featured on BBC World News and selected as one of the “35 under 35” Finnish business leaders by the leading business publication Talouselämä (published on issue 44/45/2015). Heinilä holds a Bachelor’s degree from Aalto University and is also featured by the university as one of their “showroom” alumni.


Steve Hurst

Editorial Director

Steve is a successful career journalist, thought leader and published author with a wealth of experience in all forms of media, both offline and online, including local and national press, trade and business publications, TV and radio, websites, social media and online web event broadcasting. Since its launch, Engage Customer has rapidly established itself as beacon of thought leadership in a rapidly changing customer environment. Steve is widely recognised as one of the world’s leading journalistic authorities in the fields of customer and employee engagement strategy and the increasingly important role of multichannel customer engagement strategies in business..

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