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It has never been easier for customers to let their voices be heard. The digital world of 2016 offers a number of opportunities for individuals to vocalise their thoughts about a product or service, and to offer feedback on the whole customer experience from start to finish. And yet it can be difficult for brands to tune into this feedback, and to actively use the data they have been given to positively improve their CX performance. Often, trying to listen to the voice of the customer can feel like chasing after the wind.

Invariably, many brands are faced with the same kind of problems. They struggle to capture accurate data from the various customer channels, and to consolidate them into one location to better understand how their brands are being portrayed. Consequently, they lack the ability to understand customer motivations – which affect loyalty and advocacy – and they are therefore at a disadvantage when it comes to empowering employees to achieve customer experience excellence.

Tapping into the right kind of CX software can address these issues, and help brands to listen to the customer’s voice with greater clarity. Programmes such as KPMG Nunwood’s Fizz: Voice of the Customer software are focused on action, and can provide:

• A single repository for all customer feedback

• An engaged personal view for thousands of colleagues

• A seamless integration with pre-existing systems, such as the company intranet

• Prioritisation and root-cause text analysis

• Integrated planning and workflow management

• Solutions and learning tools, which are linked to feedback

The advantage of this kind of approach is the timescale. The best kind of software can deliver feedback in real time, ensuring that brands are notified immediately of any customer issues or concerns, and thus providing a prompt experience resolution. Moreover, this collected feedback can be used to automatically create customer experience reports in the form of charts, infographics and tables, which can then be passed on to employees in order to to fully engage the whole company in what the customer expects of them. This is in addition to the training assets and resources that programmes such as Fizz are already equipped with. These are based on the latest examples of customer experience best practice, and can be used to provide CX consistency, and to empower employees.

As such, there are many good reasons for companies to start listening to the customer’s voice, if they’re not already doing so. As Luke Allen, Director at KPMG Nunwood explains: “Addressing the challenges presented by the voice of the customer is vital for growth and success in a very competitive market. Research has proven that the better a brand’s customer experience, the higher the reward, and at the moment, the best way to improve the customer experience is to pay closer attention to what the customer is actually saying.”

Learn more about KPMG Nunwood’s Fizz: Voice of the Customer software.

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