Spectators at the Rio Olympics have been warned about malicious WiFi networks ahead of the Games.

Experts at Skycure said cyber criminals are luring tourists in by setting up free WiFi networks that can steal personal information and passwords.

They said they have already found suspicious WiFi hotspots at Rio Galeão Airport, the popular Rio Sul shopping centre and various coffee shops and hotels.

The security researchers advised users to avoid connecting to WiFi networks with the word “free” in their names, which is a common sign of a scam, and to make sure the networks they connect to match the locations they are in.

“Numerous security incidents have been detected on many of the WiFi networks that tourists are likely to join, including in one of Rio’s most popular shopping malls, well-known coffee shop and hotel brands, and even the Rio Galeão Airport where most tourists will first set foot in the country,” wrote Skycure’s Varun Kohli in a blog post.

“Connecting to one of these networks could lead to getting your personal information and passwords stolen.”

Meanwhile, those following the Olympics from further afield have been warned about malicious impostor apps on mobile app stores.

Downloading one of these apps, which use similar logos and names to the official app to lure users in, could land users with modified versions that show excessive adverts – or worse, take over their devices and steal their personal information.

This is a common tactic for cyber criminals when popular apps are released.

Earlier this week, Android users were warned over malicious apps aiming to confuse those interested in the Prisma photo editing app ahead of its official launch on the platform. The fake apps were downloaded more than 1.5 million times before they were removed.

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