Employee Engagement

QuestBack has released its predictions for how organisations will capture and process feedback from customers and employees to improve the customer experience

A common theme quickly emerges from QuestBack’s forecast  – the idea that the customer feedback management process isn’t just about customers or employees – it encompasses all facets of the customer life As a result, multiple departments, skill sets and outcomes must come together to help organisations see the big picture and achieve company-wide initiatives.

Employee Feedback is the Business Strategy Linchpin

QuestBack says that a critical focus for organisations in 2013 will be to incorporate employee feedback into customer satisfaction to create a more customer-centric organisation. To help gain a clearer view of issues and to become better equipped to identify and resolve issues, companies will need to link internal feedback to external customer information sources. However, that’s easier said than done. It will require businesses to extend customer satisfaction KPI’s across all lines of business.

Rise of the Chief Experience Officer

While many other executive roles may have been involved in overseeing the customer experience, in 2013 organisations will get serious about getting a Chief Experience Officer on the payroll. QuestBack says that brands under pressure to deliver relevant and satisfying product and customer service experiences will want to align teams and budgets to tear down organisational roadblocks to customer experience success. With a Chief Experience Officer, this process can be streamlined and optimised.

Market Research Experiments with the “Siri-effect”

In an effort to capitalize on the ‘next big thing’ in mobility, marketers will seek to take feedback to the next level via voice-activated surveys. Using fresh techniques, “Siri” will help brands break down the barriers of survey fatigue and get in front of the notoriously tough-to-reach young male and business executive audience.

Gamification Takes Mobile Feedback to the Next Level

Everyone is talking mobile these days, but most are not effectively executing mobile strategies to gather feedback. In 2013, businesses will look to adaptive layouts, with little or no manual intervention, as a way to achieve scalability across devices and platforms. They will strive to support the capabilities of target devices, rather than the other way around. For example, QuestBack says that the enterprise will see a rise in customised graphics, like touch screen-enabled dials, which will help improve engagement and re-energize the customer feedback experience.

Augmented Reality and Location-Based Awareness Gain Traction

While marketers have always worked to get the right messages to the right audience at the right time, they’ll confront new challenges. In order to create actionable insight and drive customers to make purchasing decisions, organizations will need to upgrade to new platforms to connect and innovate. One of the new features included in these platforms will include augmented reality, in which a virtual world can be created when customers search their smartphones or location-based apps for nearby deals, surveys and product feedback opportunities.

Traditionally, new adaptive and transformational technologies have belonged to software companies or product manufacturers, but in 2013 and beyond these capabilities will be incorporated into organisation's customer experience strategies.


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