The UK offers some of the best job prospects in Europe after recovering well from the financial crisis of 2008, according to a new study. Research in 16 countries ranked the UK with Norway, Austria and Estonia for having relatively low levels of the population out of work or under-employed.

Spain, Greece and Portugal were said to have the worst job prospects because of their “lacklustre” economic performance, said the report by jobs site Glassdoor.

The most impressive jobs rebound since 2008 was said to be in Germany, where employment has risen above pre-crisis levels, said the report.

Youth unemployment is more than 50% in Greece and Spain, almost 43% in Italy and nearly 25% in France, Ireland and Belgium – well above the UK figure of 17%.

The proportion of those who work part-time but would rather be working full-time has increased everywhere since 2008 with the exception of Germany, Belgium and Sweden.

The proportion is highest in Italy, Spain, and Ireland, and lowest in Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Luxembourg, Norway and Estonia.

Dr Andrew Chamberlain, Glassdoor’s chief economist, said: “European labour markets today are diverse and present myriad challenges, as well as opportunities, for job-seekers.

“On the one hand, countries like the UK, Germany, Austria and Switzerland enjoy below average unemployment. By contrast, Greece, Spain and Portugal have continued to struggle with double-digit unemployment and slow economic growth, partly due to inflexible labour market regulations that have proven difficult to reform in recent years.”

The UK is seeing falling unemployment and a record 31 million people in work.

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