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IT professionals in the UK trust the corporate boards of their companies more than those working in IT in the US, a new survey has discovered.

Overall trust in board members’ knowledge of and decisions regarding cyber security was high in the survey, with the majority of respondents voicing positive opinions on their board’s capabilities.

UK professionals were found to have more faith in their boards IT expertise than those in the US.

71 per cent of UK respondents and 57 per cent of US respondents said they thought their board was cyber security literate.

However, of the UK IT professionals surveyed, 71 per cent of them also said that one of their corporate board members was responsible for cyber security, compared to 50 per cent of their US counterparts.

87 per cent of UK respondents felt confident that cyber security briefings presented to the board accurately represented the urgency and intensity of threats, whilst 68 per cent of US respondents felt the same.

US IT professionals felt that the data breaches at Sony and Target were some of the most influential cyber attacks of late, whereas those based in the UK said that security breaches at their own organisations and the Heartbleed bug were most significant.

The survey was conducted by security solutions service Tripwire, which asked 200 IT professionals from US and UK companies with annual turnovers of more than $5 billion or £500 million about board-level perceptions of cyber security threats.

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