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Only 40% of employees felt that trust was not an issue around mobile devices in their workplace, despite it making them more efficient at their jobs, new research from workplace performance platform, Nudge Rewards, reveals.

Despite bring your own device (BYOD) at work becoming commonplace in non-desk based sectors, such as retail and hospitality, it seems there is still widespread confusion and managerial ‘mistrust’ around mobiles in the workplace.  Across sectors, less than a quarter of employees (23%) say that they are actively encouraged to use mobile devices in the workplace.

While a nearly a third (31%) of employees said they are not allowed to use personal devices at work, a further quarter (26%) said they are confused about personal device policy at work.  In addition, almost a third (29%) of frontline staff said trust around mobile devices is an issue, with managers and senior teams not trusting employees to use devices responsibly.

Nearly half (49%) of employees who serve customers claim mobiles make them more efficient at work, with 32% using their connected devices to answer customers’ questions, meaning they can enhance the consumer experience and drive additional conversions. A further 33% use their mobiles to communicate with colleagues about work related issues, enabling them to speed up internal communication throughout the organisation and breakdown information bottlenecks.

However, in spite of the benefits mobile-use brings to frontline staff, 41% worried either their employer or customers would assume they are using their device for personal purposes, even when they are using it for work-related activities, prompting them to use their mobile discretely for fear they are being judged by management for.

Gary Topiol, Managing Director EMEA at Nudge Rewards, commented: “Even in this digital age, it’s clear there is a disconnect between what benefits mobile devices and BYOD policies can deliver – both in terms of consumer experience and organisational efficiencies – and managerial mistrust around employees’ use of mobiles in the workplace.  To ensure that staff have the tools they need to effectively fulfil their role and deliver against heightened customer expectations, companies need to place more trust in their employees and embrace BYOD usage to ensure they can provide the best customer service possible.”

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