Leading creative, retail and shopper marketing agency Savvy, have today announced the findings of its Mother’s day shopper panel research. The findings indicate that retailers will have to target growth opportunities to increase sales and make the most of this Mother’s Day.


Alastair Lockhart, insight director at Savvy Marketing commented “Mother’s Day is a family event when it’s often the small gestures of appreciation that matter most – whether that’s a simple thank you or, for most, just spending special time together. Even as the economy improves, we see a falling proportion of shoppers agreeing that they ‘don’t mind spending more to make Mother’s Day special’ this year. 


However, our research does suggest that retailers can target specific growth opportunities – with more shoppers telling us that they tend to trade up to buy more expensive food and drink. We also see more shoppers planning to buy their Mums flowers, plants and perfume. 


Mums expecting breakfast in bed this Sunday may have start dropping hints, however. Only 15 percent of respondents are planning to make their mum breakfast in bed this year, compared to 22 percent in 2014.”


Key findings:


·        Who will be celebrating the event?

o   65 percent of UK shoppers are planning to celebrate Mother’s day this year.

o   Women are more engaged in celebrating the event than the men – 71 percent compared with 53 percent respectively.

o   68 percent of all shoppers planning to get involved agree that Mother’s day is a special event and 43 percent are looking forward to the day. 

o   47 percent agreed with the statement that ‘Mother’s day is a day we share with all generations of the family’ and 57 percent agreed that it was a day that the family spends together.

o   Trading up – 24 percent of shoppers said they tend to trade up to buy more expensive food and drinks on the day – up three percent on 2014 figures.

o   Planning in advance what shoppers are going to buy for the event is less on the cards this year – 42 percent compared with 49 percent last year.

o   Fewer shoppers agree that they ‘don’t mind spending more to make Mother’s Day special’ (49 percent versus 54 percent in 2014).


·        What can we expect to receive this year?

o   Less non-purchase gifting:

§  54 percent plan to spend time with their family – five percent less than in 2014.

§  24 percent of shoppers plan on making homemade cards this year – six percent less than last year.

§  12 percent will be making a homemade gift – a significant drop from 21 percent in 2014.

§  Fewer breakfast in beds are being planned for – 15 percent compared with 22 percent last year.

o   Gift purchase intentions:

§  Shop bought cards and flowers top the list (33 and 30 percent respectively).

§  The likelihood of receiving a restaurant meal is slightly higher this year (up one percent) – 16 percent.

§  Planned purchases of perfume are up significantly on last year – to nine percent (an increase of six percent on 2014 figures).

§  Small improvements in sales of Books/CD/DVD’s, Pot plants and jewelry were also observed versus last year’s research.


·        What do shoppers expect from retailers?

o   49 percent of shoppers would like ideas for presents. To be inspired.

o   A good range of gifts to buy to suit different budgets is also a request from 42 percent of shoppers.

o   A dedicated aisle for the event was appealing to 30 percent of shoppers.

o   A four percent increase was seen on last year’s figures for having all of the items needed to cook breakfast, lunch and dinner in one place (desired by 20 percent of shoppers now).

o   An increase in desire for premium goods was observed – across cards and flowers.

o   A kids card-making area instore was also more desired this year – by 17 percent of shoppers.


Alastair Lockhart, Insight Director at Savvy concludes: “That Mother’s Day is often about small gestures of appreciation is a point that has clearly not gone unnoticed by discounters and the pound shops. These retailers have each scaled up their ranges and improved instore execution this year. In a more competitive market, supermarkets and high street retailers will need to focus on inspiring shoppers over the next few days to give them reasons to trade up and help drive incremental spend.”


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