Twitter is cutting eight per cent of its workforce only days after founder Jack Dorsey returned to the company as chief executive.  Twitter announced it would be sacking up to 336 people as a way of stirring up the social network’s growth.

Employees were sent an email by new boss Jack Dorsey this morning informing them of the cuts. But it seems sacked employees never received the email because the email accounts of those sacked were frozen before they even got to see it.

Bart Teeuwisse, who describes himself as a senior software engineer at Twitter on his Linkedin profile, posted a screenshot on the site four minutes after trying to access his email.

At 7.51am, Bart wrote on Twitter: ‘I’ve been impacted by TWTR’s layoffs. This is how I found out this morning.’ He had tried to access his email a few minutes before, where an unread message from software management service Github read ‘you have been removed from Twitter Inc.’ but was prompted by a ‘no access’ message.

In a response to another Twitter user, he wrote that it was a side effect from working from home. He said: ‘A side effect of WFH. HR can’t wait for you to come in. Granted they also called but that went to voice mail!’ Bart, who has been at Twitter since November 2011 according to Linkedin, was immediately offered several new jobs under his post.

The cuts come less than a week after Dorsey, one of the founders of Twitter, returned to the job of CEO to revive growth at the San Francisco-based social network.

Other sacked employees took to the site Reddit to ask for advice, with one user writing: ‘I’m one of the unlucky (or lucky) engineers that got laid off from Twitter.

They haven’t even told us yet, but woke up to find my mail client promoting for a password. If anyone has been through this before, especially at a tech company, would love to hear advice on how to handle the process ahead of me.

Announcing the plan on Twitter this morning, Dorsey said: Twitter has struggled to make a profit and expand its user base above 300 million, and lags behind rival social networks such as Instagram and Facebook.

The social network said the layoffs will result in $10m to $20m (£6.5m to £13m) in redundancy costs, and total restructuring expenses are estimated at $5m to $15m (£3.3m to £9.8m).

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