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New research in this week’s newsletter reveals perhaps unsurprisingly that the vast majority of employers use some form of benefits technology, with the most popular option by far being a staff intranet.

The research, which surveyed 269 HR decision-makers, also found that under half of respondents offer an external website owned by a provider or consultant, while over one-third offer a rewards portal. These have remained the most common forms of benefits technology for four consecutive years, with mobile or tablet apps, this year selected by just under one in four of respondents, remaining relatively consistent in fourth place.

Interestingly the most modern advancements in methods of reaching staff and providing benefits and communications, such as chatbots, wearable fitness technology gamification technology and augmented reality have yet to make much of a foothold.

Among the minority of organisations that have no benefits technology in place for their workforces, the majority say it is too expensive, while three in ten either do not see the need, or do not think employees would use it. Almost half simply have not yet found a benefits technology option that works for, and suits, their organisation.

The primary factors that employers take into account when selecting what technology to use remain ease of use and functionality. These have taken the top spots since the question was first asked in 2017, reflecting the increasing need for workplace and HR technology to emulate the streamlined consumer experience found outside of work.

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