A new study has revealed some alarming data on the impact of sleepless nights, with workers up and down the country regularly pulling sickies and falling asleep at their desks – costing the economy a potential £453m in lost productivity.

The study conducted by leading bed manufacturer, Sealy UK, which questioned 1,000 workers from across the UK, found that one in three (32 per cent) of us are waking up tired from our sleep each morning.

As a consequence one in five (21%) of us have recently called in sick or turned in late due to a lack of sleep, with men six per cent more likely than women to do this. The cities where this is most prevalent in the UK emerged as Belfast (32%), Newcastle (30%), Birmingham (27%) and Leeds (25%). It appears that this could be costing our economy serious money, equating to a staggering £453m in “lost productivity”* each year.

Worryingly, 10 per cent of people also admit to regularly falling asleep in a meeting or at their desk “by accident” as a result of feeling exhausted at work.

However, a more organised 12 per cent (or perhaps those with a more understanding boss) take a power nap at work, while a cheeky six per cent say they do this “most days”. The profession by far most partial to the power nap is IT (29%).

Neil Robinson, Sealy’s sleep expert, said: “The research demonstrates what serious consequences a lack of sleep can have, not only on our day-to-day performance, but in terms of lost productivity in the workplace. Conversely, we know that getting a great night’s sleep on a supportive, comfortable bed can help you start the day refreshed, bursting with energy, and positive.”

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