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If working from home during the coronavirus lockdown has caused you to lose working motivation, learn the best ways to improve remote working motivation here.

Many office workers may have dreamed of a day where they could work from home without their bosses and supervisors looking over their shoulder. Due to the coronavirus crisis, working from home has become the norm, and it is reported that 65% of office workers are working from home – which is likely to be a somewhat conservative figure.

If you are one of the professionals now working from home, juggling children who are off school and an overexcited family pet, it can be difficult to stay on track. You may be able to work with your slippers on, but that doesn’t help you stay motivated and meet deadlines.

Why Some People Struggle to Stay Motivated?

The reason that many of us working from home are not as productive as we were in the office is most often due to accountability and visibility.

When at work, we are surrounded by colleagues and managers who may demand work by a specific time of the day, which may not be continuing when working apart from each other. But moreover, one of the main reason is that none of our team can see us in front of our computer, so we do not feel obliged to work every minute of the day. We are likely to take more social media and coffee breaks than permitted at work.

Some of us do not have this problem because these people have more discipline or are exceptionally passionate about their work. If you have been considering looking for a remote or flexible jobs in the UK on JobRapido – a UK job site that frequently advertises remote/flexible working positions – you can use this period to judge if remote work will work for you!

Five Ways to Maintain Motivation

If remote work is not your cup of tea, the good news is that there are strategies which can help. If you have been lacking in motivation but don’t want to let colleagues down, use these tips to help:

#1 Create a Home Office

Making a home office or dedicated space for you to do work helps draw the line between personal time and professional time. You may not have a desk at home, but that doesn’t mean you cannot temporarily make part of the kitchen table your office. Add everything to the space that you need to work and try and recreate your desk from the office.

#2 Make a Routine

A lack of a routine is one of the biggest problems when working from home. Without structure, it can be easy to take a Netflix break and abandon your tasks. You could always recreate your typical working routine when possible, such as starting at 9am and having a lunch break at the same time. Sometimes this will not be possible because of children – but do your best!

#3 Clear Out Distractions

Removing a TV from the room you work in is essential to work productively. You may also want to leave your smartphone in another room too!

#4 Get Dressed!

Not having to get dressed may seem like a blessing, but it could be harming your motivation to work. By getting dressed, it helps establish a routine and change your perception of the situation. This doesn’t mean put on a suit or work dress, but it does mean get out of the dressing gown.

#5 Make Yourself Accountable

As mentioned, a lack of accountability will stop you working as best you can. Start the day by emailing your superiors about what you are going to do today, and this will apply some pressure to get it done and increase motivation.

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