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SoMoLo, expected to influence $628-$752 billion in retail sales by 2016, blends 3 distinct marketing variables, SO(Social), MO(Mobile) and LO(Local).  Taken individually, these elements are familiar, and are channels that most Marketers utilize regularly in campaign promotions.

But implementing a strategy that intentionally combines each of the three SoMoLo variables produces outcomes far more effective than any of the single components alone could achieve.

At the intersection of social, mobile and local, Marketers are forced to apply integrated thinking. To be effective, content strategy across platforms (i.e. website, mobile, in-store) must be integrated, providing a seamless customer experience. For example, it is critical to know how to provide the best customer experience for customers who initially start their purchase process online, but move in-store, or vice-versa. Being intimately aware of all potential paths to purchase is necessary to ensure your SoMoLo strategy delivers an integrated experience.

Social Media should be viewed as a tool by Marketers, allowing numerous ways to enhance marketing strategy.

Four Ways Social Media Will Enhance Your SoMoLo Campaign

1. Social Media Enables Businesses to Engage Customers Right Where They Are, Resulting in a Customer Centric Content Strategy

The mobility of today’s consumers through use of smartphones and tablets opens up a world of opportunity for marketers. Not only are customers and prospects reachable in virtually any location, but they are also armed with incredible marketing power; through social media sharing, word-of-mouth takes on a whole new meaning. Marketers focused on a customer-centric content strategy will reap the benefits of happy customers.

2. Through Social Media, You Can Let Visual images tell stories

Images and videos can serve many functions, bringing the brand experience to life; they are one of the most effective ways to spread your story on social platforms.

  • Feature highlights of your marketing campaign through demonstrations, testimonies, event promotions

  • Encourage consumers to become part of the campaign by sharing their own experiences and content. Sometimes a video might be the campaign.

3. Leverage Your Blog to Enhance Your SoMoLo Campaign

While building relationships with your customers, your blog can provide a personal voice for your campaign. The blog platform allows you to become a thought leader if the content and conversation are designed with the needs of prospects and consumers in mind.

4. The Share-Friendly functionality of Social Media Platforms Helps Reach Prospects

Every marketing campaign asset should have social media share icons. Make it very easy for consumers to share your content with their cohorts. There are free apps that facilitate sharing across a variety of social platforms. Encourage readers to share with friends and colleagues. Most important, focus on delivering a consistent memorable customer experience, one consumers will feel compelled to share with others.

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