Skipton Building Society, based in North Yorkshire, is the UK’s fourth largest building society. Its customer service department, Skipton Direct, handles approximately 80,000 inbound calls every month, a number that has steadily increased in recent years.


In the past three years, calls increased from 50,000 per month, placing strain on the existing contact centre solution, which was strictly functional and offered limited scope for growth and flexibility.

“It wasn’t very efficient at all,” says Claire Davey, head of Skipton Direct. “The telephone system did its job in that it would handle the calls that were coming through, but to be fair, since we’d seen such an increase in calls, even that was under pressure.


“We selected Interactive Intelligence because they have similar values to us and are extremely customer focused. They spoke the language that I understood as a user, and at no point did I feel like I was having difficulty understanding what the product was about and what it could offer us.”


Interactive Intelligence supplied its Customer Interaction Center (CIC) suite of products, including Interaction Analyzer and Interaction Recorder solutions. The CIC is a standards-based, multichannel software platform that can integrate all media types with business systems and uses real-time and historical information to provide users with a seamless view of the service experience. The Interaction Analyzer provides real time speech analytics which gives the team all the information needed, while the Interaction Recorder proved to be the most popular part of the solution.


“I’d say that Interaction Recorder has actually changed things more than any other part of the system that we’ve introduced. We worked it out and from a team leader perspective it’s increased efficiency by around 30 per cent.


“The new system provides us with a lot more flexibility. It has given us a platform to think about what we can do for the future. What we had before was simply functional, whereas now, it gives us the opportunities to consider all sorts of other media. I’d say that it has definitely opened the doors for us to think about interacting more efficiently with our customers,” concludes Davey.

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