This festive season will bring a little more joy to children around the world after Santa Claus announced today that The North Pole™ has been working with Confirmit on an innovative new customer experience, Voice of the Employee and Market Research programme. Using a customised version of Confirmit’s award-winning solution, Ho-Ho-Horizons, Santa and his helpers have been hard at work making a list (and checking it twice) of Christmas wishes and elf feedback to ensure this holiday is the happiest yet.

In previous holiday seasons Santa Claus attempted to gain better feedback from children by accelerating the deployment of field researchers – disguised as in-store Santas – to retail outlets and shopping malls around the world. However, the team at The North Pole ran into difficulties when children and their families began rejecting the programme.

“We found that there was a strong resistance to in-store Christmas decorations and Santa Claus visits before the first week of December,” said Buddy V. Elf, Chief Merrymaking Officer at The North Pole. “It became very difficult to garner any actionable feedback earlier than that because families wanted to focus on Halloween in October and Thanksgiving in November, leaving us little time in December to prepare the Big Guy for his annual trip on 24th December.”

With Confirmit’s support, Buddy V. Elf led The North Pole’s implementation of Ho-Ho-Horizons, which gave Santa and his elves a comprehensive VoC (Voice of the Children) platform working year-round, in real-time. In particular, Confirmit Ho-Ho-Horizons allowed The North Pole to monitor social media conversations to better understand which children were naughty, and which were nice.

“Before Confirmit, we had to wait 11 months for the next Christmas list to know what everyone wanted and we had a hard time effectively measuring our Naughty/Nice Person Score (N/NPS),” said V. Elf. “Now we have a much clearer view thanks to Ho-Ho-Horizons; we can use the Dasherboard to monitor when someone’s been naughty or nice, and Santa gets a jingle on his iPhone to determine if that person’s getting a lump of coal in their stocking this year. We want children around the world to know that Santa isn’t just real – he’s real-time.”

The North Pole™ also used Confirmit Ho-Ho-Horizons to gain better insight into morale among Santa’s Workshop with its VoE (Voice of the Elves) programme. Thanks to Confirmit’s solution, Santa’s team increased its Little Helper retention and satisfaction rating, making the lead-up to Christmas just as joyful as the holiday itself.

“The elves work hard, and we want them to feel rewarded and satisfied, day-in and day-out. Confirmit Ho-Ho-Horizons allows us to make sure that after making their seventeenth hoverboard of the week, each elf is happy to come back to work the next day,” said Buddy V. Elf. “The programme has been such a success that we quickly rolled it out to the reindeer shed, and found that Rudolph wanted us to introduce healthier snacks in the pantry. How do you think we got his nose to glow so bright?”

“We know how valuable engaged employees are to a productive organisation and Santa’s elves are arguably one of the busiest, hardest-working and most-efficient teams around the world. It’s important that he hears their feedback, analyse it and respond to it accordingly which in turn will create a more positive experience for the children,” said Confirmit’s own Santa Claus, Chief Holiday Officer, Fred Holywell.

The third component of The North Pole Confirmit Ho-Ho-Horizons implementation will begin on the evening of 25th December, with a comprehensive Market Research programme to continue improvements into 2016.

“We learned from our in-store Santa experience and have decided to work with our partners, the Tooth Fairy and Easter Bunny, who will be trained to use Ho-Ho-Horizons throughout the year,” said V. Elf. “With their year-round insight, we’ll be ready for an even better Christmas in 2016, and beyond.”

“We have never had such detailed, actionable insights into the Christmas wishes of girls and boys around the world,” said Santa C. Claus, President and Founder of The North Pole. “We can now bring them such delight on Christmas morning when they open their presents thanks to Confirmit’s Ho-Ho-Horizons platform. And, with our new social media-enabled N/NPS measurement functionality, they had better be extra nice this year: They say Santa sees you when you’re sleeping, and knows when you’re awake, but with Confirmit I can now read your tweets – so be good for goodness’ sake!”

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