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“We have identified the top ten trends that companies should factor into their strategic planning processes,” says Charles Bennett, CEO. “Companies should look into making deliberate decisions about them during the next two years. Organisations should make the customer everyone’s business, after all the customer is the very reason that the organisation exists”.

Bennett goes on to explain that Customer Journey Mapping, a more anticipatory service and employee motivation are other factors that will be of importance this year when implementing a Customer Experience Management Strategy.

The top Customer Experience trends for 2014 include:

Renovation of VoC Programs: Large organizations spend millions of Dollars/Euros/etc. per year on collecting customer feedback. Yet, all too few of them gain the value they could—or should—from those investments. A well thought out multi-choice and rating survey along with a free text field is where we enter into immense value. A plain free text comment without standard background information on the perception is like foam without the coffee, it’s not very interesting, and however alongside the coffee it makes a great cappuccino. The same works the other way round, every bit of feedback should have an element of rating and an element of free text/voice. NextTen’s Partnership with Smoke CSS gives all NextTen customers the ability to understand all forms of customer feedback (rating, free text, verbatim voice etc.) at every relevant point of interaction. The Eyerys VoC fits seamlessly into all areas of business allowing companies to gather interaction and transactional feedback from any customer at every moment of truth.

Customer Journey Mapping: One of the most effective tools for customer experience professionals is Customer Journey Mapping. These tools identify key areas of improvement and opportunities for innovation and can help build organizational empathy. In 2014, organizations with customer experience ambition will most likely develop their own Customer Journey Maps. However, despite all this activity, many companies will still misuse these by mistaking touch point analysis with Customer Journey Maps and forgetting that it is merely a means to an end—not the ultimate goal.

Deeper Appreciation of Employees: Companies are beginning to see the deep connection between employee engagement and customer experience. Engaged employees are more than twice as likely to stay late at work if something needs to be done, help someone at work even if they’re not asked, and do something that is good for the company even if it’s not expected of them. In 2014, we’ll see more employee surveys, executives developing employee engagement goals and objectives, and managerial training focused on employee engagement. NextTen are focusing efforts within this sector with a strong focus on employee empowerment and motivation within a change management programme.

Customer Experience Management is vital to every organisation and should be the focus of the whole organisation. Charles Bennett, CEO states “The customer experience is the process you should be managing.” For a full reference of the trends please visit


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