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The thought of working overseas has crossed the minds of many people, especially when they’ve come to a plateau in their careers. Maybe it’s been years since they’ve been promoted, or the local market isn’t competitive enough to give a good compensation package.

However, there are a lot of roadblocks that hinder people from making the move. The most common issue would be due to family-related obligations. Even if you have the support of your family, the costs of moving abroad can be very expensive unless you’ve found a company that’s generous enough to pay a substantial amount to relocate you. 

If you’re thinking about reinventing yourself and giving your career some form of rejuvenation, we’ll take a look at what working abroad offers and why it may be worth going through the initial setbacks. It seems like the grass is always greener on the other side, and in some cases, it can be true. 

There’s More Demand for Your Skillset Out of Your Borders

You may be working in a country that is saturated with workers that have your skillset. If this is the case, it’s harder to climb up the career ladder or even request a higher wage unless you have something truly exceptional to offer. 

However, when you open your mind to what’s out there, you’ll be surprised to find out how much demand there is for your niche. For example, in New Zealand, there’s a demand for project managers in the construction and engineering industries. Obviously, these are jobs that require you to be there and the government even provides residency initiatives for you. However, be aware of the PMP requirements needed.

There are plenty of great opportunities for international relocation similar to the one mentioned above. When there’s more demand for your skills, you’re likely to receive a better salary and compensation packages that may include total health coverage and housing assistance. On top of that, due to less competition between candidates, you’ll work your way up to the higher echelons of the corporate ladder much quicker than you would back home.

You Return with a Better CV

Most people work abroad with the intention of returning home in the future. In fact, 13% of expats return home within the first two years of working abroad.

When you do, you’ll probably work for some time before you decide to retire. When employers back home see that you have professional experience overseas, you become that much more valuable to them. It shows that you can adapt to new surroundings and can settle down quickly. 

The onboarding experience is only a small piece of the pie. As companies are trying to gain the upper edge, they’ll want employees that can contribute in a way that’s different from what the local companies are doing. 

From your experiences abroad, the way you analyze problems and react to different problems may differ from those who have been in the same circle for years. This is especially true if you’ve done a fair share of job-hopping overseas.

This allows your team to think out of the box and come out with different breakthrough solutions that other companies haven’t thought about before. When you have the upper hand, it’s hard for companies to turn you down.

Working Abroad Widens Your Networking Pool

You may have heard this at least a dozen times, but your network is your net worth. The more people you meet in your industry, the wider your social horizon becomes. You’ll be able to listen to their input and wisdom regarding the current trends in the industry that you would never have thought of back home.

If you happen to choose to work in a country that does a lot of trade with neighbouring countries, say, Germany, you’ll rub shoulders with a lot of experts and high-ranking officers from different countries within the European Union during trade expos, conventions, and even business meetings. 

These are the perfect opportunities to trade business cards, follow each other on social media platforms, and develop good relationships with them. When you feel like it’s time to move on to better opportunities, these are the people that can pull some strings for you.

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