Businesses and big brands can now gain a stronger insight into customer perceptions with a new Speech to Insightanalysis system from Rapide, the 'Moments of Truth' company


Research has shown that digital analysis of customer feedback can be significantly faster and more accurate than that carried out by humans. With that in mind Rapide has developed its latest real-time feedback solution which provides highly accurate analysis of recorded verbal feedback without the need for human transcribers. It also cuts the time taken to review feedback, allowing brands to achieve a more comprehensive overview of their customers' opinions in a much shorter space of time.


"Accurate analysis of customer feedback is imperative at a time when companies are increasingly realising the value of engaging directly with their customers and using this insight to fine tune their product and service offerings," commented Nigel Shanahan, Managing Director at Rapide.  


"Our new 'Speech to Insight' functionality offers businesses the opportunity to capture call centre customers' feedback at the critical moment when the customer is most engaged with the brand. Since we perform the analysis as well, businesses receive a full service from data capture to analysis report, which ensures that the process is both time and cost efficient."


Traditionally, capturing feedback from call centre interactions has involved manual transcription, after which a brand would review feedback in text form. Alternatively, many call centres simply conduct surveys on a 'marks out of ten scale' and do not gather further information as to why a customer has selected a particular rating. Rapide's 'Speech to Insight' solution offers an efficient and accurate step forward in the quest to understand what customers are thinking, and plays an invaluable role in helping brands to devise their customer engagement strategies.


'Speech to Insight' works by transcribing verbal feedback or audio files into text digitally. Comments are then processed through Rapide's Rant and Rave Sentiment Engine and results are presented on a bespoke dashboard, allowing companies to see real-time graphs, statistics, categories and league tables as well as individual comments. 


The system also has the ability to recognise a 'confidence' level in feedback gathered. This means it is intelligent enough to recognise any uncertainties or misunderstandings in feedback, which can be flagged up for human input. This removes any element of computer error and allows brands piece of mind that analysis really is accurate. 


The new system joins a host of real-time analysis products collectively known as 'Rant & Rave' which allow customers to respond to consumer needs and create opportunities to turn customers into brand advocates. For further information or to sign up to a demo of Rapide's new 'Speech to Insight' service, please visit

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