1. First off Kyle could you tell us about your background and how you came to take the role as CEO at Confirmit?

I’ve been working in the SaaS technology space for over 20 years so I’m what you call a seasoned professional! During my career, I’ve been fortunate to be able to develop and lead high performing teams in the technology, banking and payments sectors, supporting businesses through investment and growth. Most recently I was CEO at Fraedom, a global financial technology company where I successfully led the company’s sale to Visa Inc. in 2018.

Confirmit attracted me as a pre-eminent player in its field, not only because of the strength and breadth of its platform but also because of its highly customer-centric and consultative approach to working with businesses. Confirmit has a long history of driving its customers’ success by creating configurable, repeatable solutions that enable customers to differentiate themselves in their industries and vertical segments. I find this focus on helping organisations to enhance performance and thrive as a business to be hugely motivating.

  1. You have come into the role at a particularly challenging time with the impact of the global pandemic – how is that shaping your approach to your role as CEO at Confirmit?

There’s no doubt these are unprecedented times. Organisations have already had to adapt and embrace new ways of working through the pandemic and it’s highly likely that businesses will continue to operate differently in the post-COVID 19 world. Facebook is just one example of a company that has announced that it expects 50% of its workforce will continue to work remotely.

Confirmit has endeavoured to support its employees throughout this challenging time and we will do our utmost to enable the most effective ways of working for our entire team as we continue to navigate our way out of the current crisis.

My focus at this time therefore is to encourage this hugely talented organisation to work towards a common goal and to have a shared purpose so that we can take the business to the next level.

I truly believe that we will come out of COVID-19 stronger and more connected than ever. Confirmit has millions of lines of code to work with, developed over the last 20 years, and my job is to harness that innovation and creativity and re-focus the business on the huge market opportunity ahead.

  1. Organisational culture is clearly extremely important to you Kyle. Can you go into some detail on your strategic thinking in this business-critical area and how it will impact on your leadership approach at Confirmit?

I have always believed that what separates good companies from great companies is the people behind the technology. It’s for this reason that I consider company culture to be the key to an organisation’s ongoing success and growth.

As we enter the next chapter, our employees will be key to what we take out to the marketplace. We’ve got to nail it internally – working together with a common purpose – so that we can help our customers to nail it externally.

I am a big believer that both employee and leadership development are critical to the ongoing success of any business, Confirmit being no exception. We will continue to prioritise investment in our people to ensure that they have the best tools, skills, and knowledge in order to help us differentiate in the marketplace – the very thing that sets us apart from the pack.

As a result, my focus will be on maintaining and building on Confirmit’s already amazing company culture. The passion, commitment to our customers, the loyalty of the team and determination to develop innovative technology solutions is what will ultimately differentiate Confirmit in a competitive marketplace.

  1. Can you tell us how the recent Confirmit merger with Dapresy is impacting the overall business and the plans you have moving forward?

This is a pivotal time for the business and we are in a unique position to ensure our continued growth and success as an organisation.

The recent merger presents a real opportunity to bring together Dapresy’s best in case reporting and data visualisation with Confirmit’s market leading CX, EX and MR solutions.

There is a clear and immediate culture fit between Confirmit and Dapresy, we already share many clients and, together, we will be able to support our customers around the world, enabling them to use market, customer and employee insights to make the right decisions in challenging times and beyond.

We are working hard as a team to define a go-to-market strategy which will ensure that Confirmit retains its focus on innovation and to ensure we remain a trusted partner to our customers around the world.

Our goal is to provide a highly efficient, end-to-end solution that delivers accelerated customer value and I’m confident that with the backing of our new owner, Verdane, we will secure our position at the forefront of the insights industry.

  1. Confirmit has solutions in three key areas of Customer Engagement and Employee Engagement and Market Research. Where do you think those areas come together?

What’s key to remember here is that our solutions serve these markets, rather than us having different solutions for each. MR, CX and EX are all fundamentally based on gathering, analysing and acting upon insight – and that is where Confirmit thrives. Businesses are often overwhelmed with data now, and our role as a partner to all our clients is to help them to make sense of it all, and help them make smart decisions.

The addition of Dapresy’s solution to our portfolio will give us the ability to take cutting edge data visualisation that is often more associated with Market Research, and make it available to CX and EX teams who need to better engage their stakeholders. By working with companies across all these markets, we’re able to create a best-of-all-worlds approach, which will give customers more access to solutions that help their businesses to succeed.

  1. Finally Kyle, could you outline your vision for the future of Confirmit?

As part of our strategic planning process, we’re working closely with partners and clients so we can create our own destiny. The insight industry is hugely competitive so we need to focus on the areas where we can compete most effectively and provide the very best solutions to our customers.

I really believe that Confirmit is different from other players in the industry, particularly in terms of the way we work with clients – as a trusted partner. My vision is based around building on the great company we already have to empower our teams to support customers in the way that works for them. It’s going be an exciting journey!

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