Many workers take more care over information security at home than they do at work, according to a new report on their habits when it comes to passwords and shredding.

A survey by Citrix and Censuswide showed that while 45 per cent of UK workers regularly use passwords to secure home documents, just 35 per cent do so at the office. And while 68 per cent say they shred and dispose of unwanted personal documents, only 40 per cent do so when getting rid of papers at work.

The research also highlighted a difference in different age groups’ attitudes to security.

While 59 per cent of over-55s say they only use work devices with trusted company security software, only 47 per cent of 25-to-34 year-olds do so.

“This research demonstrates that despite many individuals being well aware of basic precautions for handling their own personal data, too many are not so conscientious at work,” said Chris Mayers, chief security architect at Citrix.

“Employers have a responsibility to provide the tools and safeguards – employees need to use them.  Protecting a company’s digital assets is a two-way street.

“So, alongside investment in technology, companies need to educate employees across age groups about their security and compliance obligations to ensure they don’t become part of yet another high-profile data breach.”

Employees’ actions – both malicious and careless – are an ongoing problem for cyber security teams trying to keep organisations’ data safe and secure.

A recent EY survey showed that breaches and malicious employees tampering with data are the most up-and-coming fraud risks for 83 per cent of executives in 2016.

Meanwhile, it has been estimated that three quarters of companies may face significant data loss due to insider threats, which account for 42 per cent of all confidential data breaches.

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