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Nearly one in three Britons have fallen out with a friend or family member over an unpaid debt of £100 or less, research has found.

Some 29% have had a bust-up over the non-repayment of such sums, mobile payments service Paym found.

This was made up of 14% who had had family fall outs and a further 15% who had cut ties with a friend over an unpaid IOU.

Meanwhile, one in 10 (10%) said their relationship with a work colleague had turned sour over unpaid debts of £100 or less, and 9% of people had rowed with their partner about them not paying money back.

The research suggested people in Wales were the most likely to have fallen out with family members or a partner over money, while people in Scotland were the most likely to forgive forgotten IOUs.

Nearly one in three people (32%) said they had waited more than a year to be paid back.

The research, which involves psychometric testing among 600 Britons, also found one in 10 (10%) people that had deliberately avoided paying money back to a family member, while 7% had deliberately not paid a partner back, and 6% had dodged paying back a close friend.

Dr Simon Moore, who led a team of psychologists carrying out the research, said: “As money holds a status of power in western society, there is an emotive charge when money changes hands between family friends, even if it’s only for amounts of up to £100.”

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