One in five workers plan to quit their jobs within the next two years

Almost one in five (17%) Brits plan to quit their job in the next two years, according to new research released by experience management company, Qualtrics.‏

‏The research, which surveyed over 1,000 UK workers, also found that only 25% believe that they will definitely stay in their current place of employment for at least the next two years.‏

‏Commenting on these findings, Ian McVey, Head of Enterprise for Northern Europe at Qualtrics, said, “Engaged, motivated employees are the cornerstone of a successful organisation, but many organisations just aren’t doing enough to retain their best and brightest team members.‏

‏“If employees are unhappy, overworked or stressed, that can quickly have an impact on customers, so it’s essential that employers work to understand what they can do to improve the experience for their staff. ‏

‏“Listening to, and acting upon, employee feedback is essential. If you can understand the key drivers of the experience for your staff, then managers can step in and improve the experience ‏ ‏before‏ ‏ they’ve reached a tipping point and decided to leave the organisation.”‏