One in five workers book day off to recover from office Christmas bash

Half of workers have a “civilised” three-course dinner in a restaurant followed by drinks in a bar for their office Christmas party, a new study reveals.

A survey of 2,000 adults by hotel chain Travelodge also found that one in 10 will just go to the pub for drinks with colleagues, one in seven will have a lunch, while 15% will do nothing.

One in five of those polled books a day off after their office bash, knowing they will not be in a fit state to work.

Workers in London expect to pay around £100 celebrating Christmas with colleagues, compared with £53 for those based in Leeds, the research showed.

Travelodge announced plans to open nine new hotels in Surrey which could create 225 jobs. The news came at the official opening of Travelodge’s 553 hotel, in Redhill.