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Curtains and interior accessories specialist has recently created an infographic exploring the nation’s sleeping habits, which seems to confirm a commonly held view: sleep quality in the UK leaves much to be desired.  

With as many as 22% of the population saying they sleep poorly most nights (and a further 5% reporting that they sleep very poorly), it points to significant health ramifications for people across the country.

After all, studies have shown that prolonged lack of sleep can trigger everything from dietary issues and heart problems to anxiety and depression, while also making people emotionally unstable, accident-prone, and quicker to judge others negatively.

Inadequate sleep also leads to employee burnout, which obviously carries major implications for businesses. “Lack of sleep combined with high-stress situations reduces productivity, leads to disconnect at work and loss of motivation, as well as fostering anger and resentment”, says Ines Respini Jones, HR Business Partner at Simply HR Consulting.

Burnout among workers reportedly costs the UK a staggering £40 billion a year (1.86% of the country’s entire GDP), which makes maintaining the wellbeing of employees even more of a priority for employers.

“Managers should be trained to notice the signs and act on them promptly”, says Ines, “while employees themselves can take action to prevent burnout by adopting healthy eating habits, exercising regularly, getting a proper amount of sleep, sleeping without artificial lights, and setting work boundaries to ensure a proper work-life work balance.” does offer a way to address at least one of those points in their infographic: using blackout curtains in the bedroom to block out artificial light coming from outside. A darker room, it seems, could be the simple but much-needed fix to the UK’s sleeping problems.

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