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Fears before the Olympics that more than one million sports mad visitors to Britain would swamp the digital infrastructure of the Country and bring public transport to a halt have proved totally unfounded according to a leading UK IT entrepreneur.

“ ISP’s have held up fine despite the massive increase in users,” said Gary David Smith – co-founder of Prism Total IT Solutions.

“Using my own company as a Olympic ‘barometer’; deliveries have been getting through fine, staff have been travelling freely in and out of the City and we have actually been receiving fewer calls from London businesses because of the huge increase in ‘Home Working’ during the Games,” said Mr Smith – whose company supplies complete IT support to more that 1000 SME’s nationwide.

More flexible working regimes do create huge increases in the number of devices connected to the internet at any one time but ISP’s have been reporting no problems.

“At the last Olympic Games the iPad didn’t exist and somebody working from home just meant that there was a connection from a laptop. Now, if someone is working from home there is a connection from a laptop, an iPad and a SmartPhone all running multiple apps,” said Gary David Smith.

The number of companies offering flexible working practices to employees is increasing year on year and positive experiences during the Olympics will encourage more firms to follow suit.

The number of employees conducting at least part of their work from their own computing devices will rise to 9.5 million by 2016 from around five million last year according to research by TechMarket View.

Software and IT service suppliers are expecting a £2 billion explosion in the ‘Bring Your Own Device’ market over the next five years.

“A revolution in the way we conduct our normal working day is inevitable but employers need to consider issues surrounding data security and the storing of company data on privately owned devices,” said Gary David Smith.

“Businesses need to plan carefully and ensure that they keep multiple copies of data and create contingencies to work from other locations. They should systematically restore their back ups to ensure their work is safe and not place too much emphasis on the cloud having local data,” he said. 


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