Key Findings:

  • Social media has had a major impact on health and mental wellbeing with significantly more under 24s believing that social media can lead to mental health issues.
    • 85% of under 24s and 67% of over 54s believe that social media can lead to mental health issues
    • 88% of under 24s are planning to spend more time with family in 2019, and a notable 90% admit to spending too much time looking at screens
  • Cutting down on Facebook and Instagram
    • Almost half (49%) of Brits are planning to reduce Facebook use in this year, this followed by Instagram with 24% and Snapchat with 20%
    • 47% of under 24s intend on cutting down on Instagram usage in 2019
  • Veganism continues to grow in popularity for the younger generations and is considered to be a healthy choice by most.
    • Almost one in five (19%) under 24s are choosing to try out a vegan diet this year
    • Over half (51%) of under 24s aim to eat less animal products in 2019, compared to just 34% of those over 54 planning on reducing their meat intake
  • The younger generation is more likely to take more unconventional approaches towards fitness and wellbeing.
    • Under 24s are 14% more likely than over 54s to consider plastic surgery
    • Under 24s are 25% more likely than over 54s to consider alternative medicines
    • 58% of the UK are keen to avoid or limit their sugar intake
  • 72% of under 24s exercise to look in shape yet 50% said that it was too expensive to get fit.
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