NICE has won aTMC CUSTOMERmagazine 2013 CRM Excellence Award for its NICE Fizzback Voice of the Customer solution. NICE Fizzback captures and analyzes real-time customer feedback, enabling organizations to gain insight into customer interactions, promptly act on customers’ comments and issues,and drive corrective actions to improve future interactions.

“We are honoured to receive this award for NICE Fizzback, which reaffirms the value of this unique solution for the customer experience market,” said Yochai Rozenblat, Presidentof the NICE Customer Interactions Group. “Companies rely on customer feedback to understand how well they meet customer expectations. But often, the feedback data they collect is too dated, too vague, or from too small a sample to affect change. Using feedback most effectively requires meaningful, timely information that spans all touch points and that’s clear enough to be acted upon.”

The NICE Fizzback Voice of the Customer solution offers measurable improvements in customer satisfaction and loyalty. According to case studies conducted by Fizzback, after implementing the solution, clients report a 56-point Net Promoter Score improvement in customer satisfaction and are able to recover up to 90percentof dissatisfied customers within minutes after an interaction.

The solution uses a unique automated engagement system to create a conversation with customers through their feedback channel of choice. Immediately following a retailpurchase, contactcenter interaction, or online experience, the system solicitscustomer feedback and appliessophisticated analytics to accurately categorize verbatim comments in order toidentifythe key drivers of customer satisfaction.This real-time feedback helps organizations drive a better customer experience.

"NICE Fizzback is truly innovative and has contributed to significantadvancements in the customer experience industry," saidRich Tehrani, CEO, TMC. “We’re pleased this year to recognize this outstanding achievement with a TMC CRM Excellence Award.”

The TMC CRM Excellence Awardshonor vendors that have proven to be true CRM partners to their customers and clients. It recognizes CRM products or services which have helped extend and expand the customer relationship. The award is based on hard data, facts and numbers demonstrating the improvements that the winner’s product has made in a client’s business.

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