NICE Engage Platform is the vendor’s next generation capture platform, which is designed to support 100 percent real-time analytics at unrivalled scale, speed and cost efficiency.

The platform allows customer-facing organizations to incorporate real time interaction data and analytics, at scale, into all of their service processes, transforming the contact centre into a real-time engagement centre.


The NICE Engage Platform makes interaction data available for every application simultaneously and instantly. Using patent pending technology, latency has been reduced 10-fold and recording capacity has increased to support 10 times more channels per server. The platform makes the use of real-time analytics practical by supporting up to tens of thousands of channels and delivering the relevant insights and guidance during the customer engagement.


The NICE Engage Platform further powers NICE’s broad portfolio of real-time applications, bringing benefits to various functions within an organization. This allows them to react faster, smarter and safer during customer engagements, and save costs. For example:


Contact Centre Operations

  • Gauge customer sentiment to assess the risk of churn and guide the agent to take the necessary action during the engagement

  • Alert managers at their workstation or on their mobile device to intervene at critical moments, resolving issues during the interaction

  • Automatically authenticate customers within the first seconds of a conversation, saving customers time and avoiding hassle

  • Automate processes to reduce time, avoid errors and free the agent to focus on the customer


Information Technology (IT)

  • Benefit from unrivalled TCO with an all-in-one recording server for: voice, screen, video, archiving and streaming

  • Enjoy unprecedented recording scalability, with up to 5,000 channels per recording server

  • Ensure business continuity with high availability and lightning speed disaster recovery

  • Gain flexibility with on-premise and cloud based deployment options


Risk and Compliance

  • Identify fraudsters during the call and prevent a crime before damage is done

  • Guide agents to ensure policy adherence to avoid and immediately address any compliance violations


“In the past, contact centres have not been able to take advantage of real-time business intelligence, analytics and guidance due to the limitations of commercially available, cost-effective technologies,” said Donna Fluss, President, DMG Consulting LLC. “Recent innovations have started to give companies a practical way to utilize real-time inputs from customers and enterprise BI solutions to optimize the service experience, transaction outcomes and cost structure. These innovations will be game-changers for companies and their customers. In the future, contact centers will be driven by predictive analytics that depend on real-time inputs.”


“The NICE Engage Platform is the result of collaboration with our customers who are challenged to meet the demands of their ‘now customer,’ while reducing related costs,” said Miki Migdal, President, NICE Enterprise Product Group. “This new platform is a sign of our commitment to lead the market’s adoption of real time applications and capabilities that bring significant business value.”


For more information on the NICE Engage Platform and the real-time engagement centre, visit


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