Thought leadership

Some interesting research in this week’s newsletter explodes a huge disconnect between what office workers are pushing for in terms of technology compared to what IT decision makers are willing or able to provide.

The study reveals that while office workers are pushing an agenda of smart mobile working and digital collaboration, the majority of IT decision makers still envisage a print-reliant workplace to 2025 and are making investment decisions accordingly.

This suggests that an IT workforce tied to traditional technologies may be one of the main barriers hindering increased productivity in the digital workplace. Two in three of IT decision makers believe paper will still be important to the workplace by 2025, compared to just one in three of office workers

The survey results show that while IT decision makers and office workers have some similar priorities – security being the number one technology investment for both groups – there are some marked differences. The challenges and issues thrown up by this research will be examined in detail at our upcoming 2020 Digital Workplace conference next Spring.