OpenMarket, a leader in enterprise mobile engagement, and Portio Research, a UK-based market research firm have released a new report , “Engaging with Enterprise SMS”. The Portio Research report, sponsored by OpenMarket, highlights enterprise IT challenges in relation to communications, and how to seek a partner with the right experience and capabilities to integrate communications technologies across the organisation.

“With more people texting than watching TV, reading newspapers or buying magazines, enterprises have an opportunity to seize this trend to engage with customers and employees,” said Karl Whitfield, managing director of Portio Research. “Before they embark on this task, however, they must address the inherent integration and fragmentation challenges traditionally caused by the multiple ways in which organisations exchange messages with customers. SMS is the great equaliser – it’s the one tool that unites virtually every mobile subscriber worldwide. Companies should consider using SMS as part of their messaging strategy to cure IT’s current headache.”

According to the Portio Research report, with a population of 7.3 billion people worldwide in 2015, SMS can reach more than 6 billion customers.[1] And, with the shift to a ‘mobile first’ approach through increased media consumption on smart and connected devices, SMS can offer the personalised communications that mobile consumers’ demand.

The research report advises companies to find a mobile partner to help implement a mobile engagement platform. This partner must help the IT department navigate challenges and investigate opportunities by providing the right functionalities and features to deliver enterprise-grade SMS support. Enterprises should look for the ability to use sender ID and support for foreign language character sets. These features allow companies to launch SMS solutions across international markets serving a global customer base. Additionally, the partner should ensure that mobile spam is eliminated, offer two-way communications, and integrate with legacy IT systems for reliable and timely message delivery.

“Enterprise IT managers looking to select the right mobile messaging partner for SMS must work through a series of selection criteria,” said Jay Emmet, general manager of OpenMarket. “We strongly advise focusing on the top requirements such as global reach, high availability, performance/scalability, quality, and security. Only messaging vendors focused on supporting large enterprises will provide these services and actually have experience doing so. Companies should also ask questions about experience delivering mobile engagement solutions across different organisational departments and industries, and how the vendor will support specific mobile messaging use cases.”

[1] Portio Research White Paper, sponsored by OpenMarket, “Engaging with Enterprise SMS,” August 2015.

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