Genesys Mobile Engagement enables businesses to overcome today's isolated mobile application experience by empowering customers that need live support to quickly engage customer service agents or specialised knowledge workers, such as personal bankers or travel agents.

The new solution provides increased context to highly personalize the mobile customer experience and empower agents with information to drive an effective experience and outcome. Ultimately, companies will proactively and personally connect with today's mobile consumers, driving a new level of customer conversations over smart phones.

News Facts:

  • Today, there are an estimated 1 million mobile applications representing 40 billion downloads by consumers across the globe. By 2017, there will be a staggering 2 billion smart phone devices worldwide. At the same time, customer service organizations are often disconnected from the company's mobile applications. When live assistance is required, customers must exit the mobile application and call the contact center number provided from the app. As a result, customers are forced to wait on hold, re-authenticate, traverse again through complex phone menus, and repeat the nature of their transaction when connected to customer service.

  • As the smart phone and mobile applications become increasingly powerful customer touch points, every company is struggling to drive customer engagement through mobile devices. In fact, many downloaded mobile customer care applications remain underutilized or abandoned by consumers: one in four mobile apps are abandoned with less than 10 percent actively utilized.

  • Effective mobile customer care requires a seamless transition between self-service applications and live assistance. It also requires companies to raise the bar on personalization, delivering a customer experience that is increasingly dictated by the customer — when they want service, where, and over what channel.

  • By 2016, 37% of inbound customer service calls in North America will be made from smart phones, representing a significant shift in how customers will engage with enterprises. In addition, over 20% of smart phone customers (in developed countries) prefer to use smart phone applications to communicate with organizations in financial services, travel and communications. Finally, over 80% of smart phone customers (in developed countries) prefer phone calls with a customer service representative over obtaining assistance through any other channel. (source:OVUM Research)

Extending the Genesys Customer Interaction Management (CIM) platform, Genesys Mobile Engagement brings business rules, context, conversation history, and reporting to mobile customer service interactions. This first release of the solution brings the following four capabilities to market:

  1. Live Connect: Through a "smart button" within the mobile app, customers can request the assistance of a live agent via voice, chat, SMS or even video. Context, history and customer information is shared between the mobile device and enterprise customer service, connecting the ideal customer service resource and empowering them with a 360-degree view of the customer and current interaction.

  2. Locate Me: Location and GPS provides the customer's location to make immediate customer service decisions. Where are you currently located within the airport, and where is the nearest gate of a connecting flight? Where is the closest bank branch to receive a replacement ATM card? Where did the automobile accident occur to immediately dispatch a claims adjustor?

  3. Snooze Me: Customers control when they want to engage with a company and can schedule — at their convenience — when they should be contacted as part of their mobile customer service and application experience.

  4. Alert Me: Proactively notifies the customer of the relevant service updates within the mobile application by SMS or automated voice call.

"Today, there are billions of smart phones with millions of mobile applications — but they are totally disconnected from the world's 6 million customer service agents. With Genesys Mobile Engagement, we're creating new conversations between today's mobile applications and customer service," said Paul Segre, President and CEO of Genesys. "With a press of a button on a mobile device, customers will now seamlessly transition from a mobile app to 'live' support– without repeating your mobile transaction, problem, or specific location. Genesys Mobile Engagement redefines the mobile customer experience on any iPhone, Android, Blackberry, or Windows smart phone."

"American Airlines shares the Genesys vision of transforming today's transactional apps into conversational mobile apps," said Phil Easter, Director of Mobile Apps at American Airlines. "In 2012, American Airlines will be launching new mobile innovations based upon this vision and Genesys Mobile Engagement to enhance the travel experience for our customers."

"The rise of smart devices and the incessant focus on customer loyalty has created the proverbial 'perfect storm' for enterprises that want to reinvent the customer experience around smart phones and tablets," said Daniel Hong, Lead Analyst of Customer Experience and Interaction at Ovum. "This moves the contact center into a strategic position within the customer experience lifecycle and introduces a new area of differentiation for enterprises today. Genesys is the first major vendor – with a strong heritage in contact centers — to formally productize a mobile care solution that adds context to customer interactions on smart phones – helping improve the customer experience on multiple levels and channels."


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