Maybe my opinion doesn’t matter after all?

I love working in Customer Experience.  When asked why I often reply its because it’s so simple.  I only have to remember to do two things:  Step One: Listen to customers; Step two Act upon what they tell you.

It seems to me that all the great companies are particularly strong at step two.

However I am constantly surprised at how often companies get step one – listening – wrong.

Last week I received a survey from Southern Rail.   Given the vast improvement to the service into London Bridge after a rather shaky start to the year and thought I would complete it and say thanks.  Unfortunately, as you can see, I struggled to read the questions due to the banner graphic.

Maybe my opinion doesn’t matter after all?




So I dusted down my checklist about great customer experience measurement and added an 11th

1.      Simple – everyone from the front line to the boardroom need to understand it.

2.      Universal – it needs to cover all Brand, Product and Service experiences.

3.      Continuous – the voice of the customer needs to be heard constantly within the business.

4.      Immediate – nobody get motivated about improving experiences that they consider to be in the distant past.

5.      Single – you need a single, clear measure of performance as viewed by the people that matters most – customers.

6.      Personal – make it relevant to me, or I won’t change my behaviour.

7.      Actionable – without facilitating action measurement is a waste of time.

8.      Polarise – focus on what delights, what infuriates.

9.      Unfiltered – capture what’s important to the customer, not their opinion of things that matter to you.

10.  Links to growth – ultimately is about delivering an experience so good that it changes the economic behaviour of your customers.

Oh yes …

11.  Get the survey experience right