[24]7, the intuitive customer experience company is releasing a major version of [24]7 Speech, the predictive, cloud-based speech self-service solution.  [24]7 Speech is smarter because omnichannel data is used to predict caller intent. Conversations are more engaging because the solution combines prediction with natural language and omnichannel experience design. [24]7 Speech powers intent-driven experiences that increase self-service rates by up to 25%, raises call completion rates up as high as 90%, reduces IVR call duration up to 30%, saves customers’ time, and drives higher CSAT and NPS.

Unlike legacy IVRs that are constrained by what customers say, [24]7 Speech also considers who they are, what they did on the web or in mobile apps, and what they tried before calling the 800 number. By gleaning insights from the customer’s activities in other channels, devices and sessions, the solution predicts in real-time, why the customer is calling and in turn provides a more relevant and personalized IVR experience. [24]7 Speech also gives customers the option to invoke a visual experience, callback or mobile chat session from within the call — making IVR integral to digital customer engagement on mobile devices.

"Consumers expect an omnichannel experience where they can connect through the web, IVR, mobile, and social media touch points and maintain one continuous customer journey to rent a car,” says, Gerard Insall, CIO, Avis. “With partners like [24]7, Avis continues to use innovative technology to continually push the boundaries of the customer rental experience to new levels.”


[24]7 Speech delivers powerful capabilities previously unavailable in the market. Today’s customers interact with companies through multiple channels, but when the issues are acute, they invariably turn to the phone channel. In this moment of truth, the IVR should pick up the current digital journey and guide it to resolution. Too often, however, the IVR falls short, operating in a silo that is disconnected from other channels. Unlike legacy IVRs, [24]7 Speech has been architected to work with a company’s digital customer environment, thus expediting resolution and building confidence in a company’s brand.


“Smart phones have revived the IVR in the enterprise customer care arsenal,” said Dan Miller, senior analyst, Opus Research. “The new IVR uses the power of predictive analytics to make rapid identification of the caller and her intent, automated resolution of her problems, and intelligent routing of the call possible. [24]7’s added layer of intelligence in the IVR makes interactions with consumers simple and more effective for businesses, which is increasingly important in the new 'consumer to business’ era.”


“Every touch point is an opportunity to engage the customer and the IVR is no different. [24]7 Speech embraces the digitization that the smartphone offers, enabling the enterprise to craft a compelling customer experience,” said PV Kannan, co-founder and CEO of [24]7. “All companies need to be digitizing their channels and this is the way to digitize the IVR.” 

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