Employee Engagement

  • Five Star Bank’s strategic recognition tool engaged 83% of managers and 79% of non-manager associates. Additionally, the percentage of highly engaged employees increased by 19% and disengaged employees decreased by 25% compared to results in 2017.
  • Excellus Blue Cross Blue Shield developed a set of values and associated behaviors branded as “The Lifetime Way,” which was reinforced by a strategic recognition programme that increased engagement by 37%.
  • Atos’ employee engagement platform, which plays a critical role in employee retention by socialising company values, networking employees through peer to peer social recognition, and providing discount and shopping benefits, has a 75% engagement, and has saved employees an average of about $1,300 per year.
  • “As today’s workplace environment becomes increasingly automated, dispersed and diverse, employers need to do more to improve employee engagement,” said Bersin. “Strategic employee engagement and recognition programmes, when developed properly, are significant drivers of the authentic engagement the modern workforce is expecting. This report is for companies that don’t just want to hear about the importance of strategic recognition, but want to know how to implement a successful programme.” “Our Lifetime Way values and behaviours are not nice to have, they’re actually enabling greater communication and collaboration that are driving our business results,” said Keri Mantenga, corporate vice president, organisational effectiveness, Excellus Blue Cross Blue Shield. “Traditional recognition programmes like tenure awards and bonuses are nice, but when they are not tied to business objectives are limited in their ability to become culture drivers, and are unlikely to impact employee engagement,” said Doug Butler, CEO at Reward Gateway. “That’s why we’re focused on strategic recognition, communications and measurement aligned with business’ goals and values. This report reinforces what we have learned from working with over 1,800 clients, that strategic employee engagement and recognition programmes can be successfully implemented and have a positive impact on culture and business results.”]]>