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Founded and organised by HOWND, a provider of ethical dog-grooming products, ‘Bring Your Dog to Work Day’ is a nationwide, annual event that aims to make a difference to how dogs are treated across the world.

These four-legged new recruits bring a mixed bag of personalities to the workplace environment, some more desirable than others. Would you want to work alongside a particularly lazy co-worker? How about a tenacious exec who doggedly chases up emails?

Fortunately, office furniture provider DBI Furniture Solutions, has conducted a survey which takes the question to UK employees.

According to the survey, 36.7% of employees believe honesty to be the most admirable trait in a colleague, closely followed by 27.3% wanting to work alongside a hard-working staffer.

Other admirable traits favoured by the UK public include, enthusiasm (14.5%), loyalty (16.8%) and perseverance (4.7%).

With those results in mind, DBI Furniture Solutions recently published a guide to the top five must-have personality traits that will drive your business’ productivity.

Commenting is Nick Pollitt, Managing Director of DBI Furniture Solutions:

“It’s hardly surprising that honesty is a much sought-after trait, as it contributes to business transparency from management-level onward.

“As for loyalty and enthusiasm, these are both invaluable traits for a colleague to possess. Loyalty goes a long way in improving interpersonal relationships, whilst being around a natural enthusiast is a great morale boost.

“Any business will benefit from perseverance. If you don’t succeed first time, it pays to keep trying. It’s a learning process, after all!”

  • June 23rd sees annual, nationwide event ‘Bring Your Dog to Work Day’ hit UK workplaces, promoting healthy welfare practices for dogs
  • Employees prepare themselves for high numbers of ‘new starters’ with various personality types coming into work
  • DBI Furniture Solutions conduct a survey to find what traits UK employees desire most from their colleagues – honest, hard-working staff ranking highest

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