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Human Resources Analytics – How they can (and can’t) help improve employee engagement and business outcomes

Research has demonstrated beyond doubt that employee engagement is a significant driver of organisational performance; ranging from turnover and absenteeism, to productivity


Innovation in Employee Engagement – Empowering MetLife Employees to Tell Their Own Story

MetLife faced a big communications challenge: they needed to increase employee understanding and support for their corporate strategy, across multiple offices in several


Building The Best Team Within Lloyds Banking Group

The vision for Lloyds Banking Group is to be the best bank for customers. The bank recognises that this will only be achieved by building the best team; where colleagues are


The HR Transformation Journey: Melin Homes Case Study

Join us for a Q&A case study webinar with Melin Homes’ Assistant Director of Business Consultancy, Sharon Crockett, who’ll be revealing how they created an


NHS Case Study: Engaging employees with energy and sustainability

Join this Webinar to hear more about the campaign and to hear how NHS Employers and Smart Energy GB are working together to support NHS employees with the 'Get Energy Smart'


How to fill the Missing Links in Your Employee Communications Plan

Intranets, enterprise social networks, mobile applications — today, companies have more options than ever when it comes to employee communications. But it’s also easier


ING Case Study: Communicating to a Changing Workforce

Communicators are facing big industry challenges. Not only is today’s workforce evolving, but technology is changing the way employees and customers prefer to get their


Becoming an Employer of Choice

We’ve entered a world where talented individuals have a choice when it comes to their career. It's never been so vital for businesses to bolster their EVP, polish their


High growth mode: How to ensure you have the right tools to scale and maintain a positive employee experience

Many fast-growing companies believe they should only start thinking about bringing in an HR system and department once they reach that critical Dunbar's number (between 100-150


Not reaching all your employees? Mobile’s the solution — here’s how to drive adoption

Thoughtful planning, prep, and promotion are the name of the game when it comes to introducing and integrating an employee mobile app within your organization. The hard work


Culture: Measuring the ‘Unmeasurable’

In this webinar Andrew will explore why many organisations have difficulty coming to grips with their organisational culture. He will seek to explode many of the myths that


Engaging the Enterprise with ‘Unified Visual Communications’

Effective and engaging communication is more than ever at the centre of today's enterprise. To unlock maximum results, existing communication strategies and productivity tools

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