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How to Create Water Cooler Moments Without the Water Cooler

The biggest casualty of the new “working from home” era has been the loss of that “water cooler moment”.  That instant interaction that happens when people meet and


Evolving EX for the Modern Workplace

In the era many are calling The Great Resignation, it is essential to ensure employees feel connected, inspired and motivated. Organisations must evaluate the employee


Inspire, inform and engage: How to unleash your branding across your employee experience

In a world of hybrid, mobile and remote working, your employee experience platform remains the final universal touchpoint to inspire, inform and engage your employees. Join


Rediscovering collaboration in the office

It's 2022 and the office has a new lease on life with hybrid work. But after all this time away, many employees are reluctant to make it a part of their week again. In this


Creating a truly inclusive culture – a practical discussion

While most leaders now recognise the importance and power of diversity and inclusion in the workplace, there is still much progress to be made. In many organisations, inclusion


Understanding Diverse Employee Experiences: A Multi-Country Perspective

Please note: The webinar is taking place at 2:30PM BST. Employees’ experiences at work are diverse. They vary from person to person, and whether they are positive or


Mental Health at Work – Practical Actions to Support Your Staff

As we increasingly return to the workplace or adjust to hybrid working, the ‘hidden pandemic’ of poor mental health is coming to the fore. Join this webinar to gain


The Future of the Workforce: Linking Retention, Learning & Business Outcomes

Join us as we explore how skills-based learning can impact your organisation and how to prioritise learning during this time of unprecedented change. Learn how the pandemic has


Employee Wellbeing – Where are your Blind Spots?

How better data about your employees’ health & wellbeing can improve productivity and resource planning The wellbeing of employees is a hot topic for employers,


Employees Don’t Want Meditation Apps – They Want a Better Working Environment. Here’s how you build one

It’s 2021; we’ve been in a pandemic for over a year, and employee engagement is still the #1 problem companies are facing. After surveying over 1000 people that live in


7 Steps for an Effective Global Workforce Management Strategy

The pandemic has led to profound and immediate changes to the modern workplace. Companies have had to deal with the sudden shift to remote work, and an acceleration of


A Hybrid Hub and Spoke Model or 100% Work-From-Home?

In this webinar, CX advisor Peter Ryan will be joined by work-from-home (WFH) specialists Sensée to discuss the merits and pitfalls of various hybrid home/office options for

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