12 Dec 2017 – Ksenia Zheltoukhova, Head of Research and Thought Leadership Humans or robots? It’s not a competition (yet) A breakfast roundtable hosted by the CIPD explored the key issues of a technology-enabled workplace with a few members and friends of the Future of Work is Human community. There are many views on what the future might look like, but one thing is clear: we can no longer observe from the sidelines as technology enters the world of work on the terms of those developing the algorithms. Instead, we must articulate what is of collective value when people and technology meet in the workplace, and define the organisational and societal conditions that support that desired outcome. My fundamental belief is that people (including both individual workers as well as those leading businesses or government institutions) are powerful agents, capable of shaping the the world of work rather than accepting the future as it happens to them. So, for some time I’ve been reflecting on the impact of technological advances on the ‘deal’ between the business and the society, attempting to infer the behaviours of the key stakeholders — employers, the state, and the workers — that might accelerate or temper a robot takeover. I was immensely pleased to share and further build on these ideas with the thought leaders around the table. 

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