US President Barack Obama said on his first visit to his ‘home’ country of Kenya as President ‘We are all a part of one tribe: the human tribe.’

This is the heart of ‘People Centricity: The Incredible Power of Putting Other People First’, the hard-hitting and thought-provoking new self-help book from British management consultant and personal excellence trainer Stephen Hewett, a founding partner of the business consultancy C3 Partners, which specialises in helping organisations transform their business culture and business processes to new levels of profitability and market expansion.

‘People Centricity’ is a practical philosophy that involves, as Hewett writes, ‘making an investment of time and emotional energy to advance the agenda of people with whom you have a mutually beneficial interaction who are outside your immediate close circle.’ In other words, people who focus only on the interests of their own ‘social tribe’ – their family, close friends and closest work colleagues – greatly limit their own lives as a result.

Hewett asserts, ‘The world’s prisons are full of people who only care about themselves. Even more to the point, the world’s graveyards are full of the decaying corpses and skeletons of people who lived their lives only for themselves, who never had an inkling of what life could really be, and who’ve now lost their chance for all eternity of knowing what their life could have been like if they’d believed in and practised a more positive attitude toward other people.

People Centricity uses quotations from the Bible and the works of writers including Charles Dickens, Dale Carnegie, J.B. Priestley and William Styron to support its points. ‘No matter how well we understand people already,’ states Hewett, People Centricity has something to offer all of us: the book offers a philosophy to take you through life. The philosophy of People Centricity is all about learning how to understand and share the feelings of other people so as to produce the best mutually beneficial outcome for those other people and for you.’

People Centricity: The Incredible Power of Putting Other People First is published on September 1 2015 in the United Kingdom and the United States by Kallisti Publishing (ISBN-13 978-0-9848162-9-3) and is available on and and wherever fine books are sold.

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