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Youngsters are forcing their parents into becoming more eco-friendly to save the planet. Half of parents say they have been pressured to go green and save energy by the mini Greta Thunbergs in their own home, according to new research by leading comparison site

And while you might expect vocal teenagers to drive behaviour change – parents say the pressure is coming from kids as young as four. It’s the new manifestation of ‘pester power’

The study, to mark Big Energy Saving Week, may highlight the visibility and influence that the teenage climate-change activist, and recent events such as the Australian bush fires, are having on the nation’s kids, and their family’s energy consumption habits at home.

Three quarters of parents say their child has asked more questions about the environment and the climate crisis over the past 12 months.

As a consequence of this planet-friendly pester power, families are making changes to their lifestyles. The most common changes made include walking or cycling more (53%), making more of an effort to turn off the lights (37%), and turning down the thermostat (22%).

With 75% of households including a ‘mini Greta’, parents admit that if it wasn’t for their child, they wouldn’t have realised the importance and impact of their actions. 

Even though kids are pushing their mums and dads to be green, only a quarter of parents use a renewable energy provider, and it appears they’re a little ‘green’ about how it all works. There are a number of misconceptions around green energy providers, with over half misunderstanding where green energy comes from and how it’s distributed, and two in five (38%) believing it’s too expensive compared to their current provider.

Recent analysis by into the cost if powering the average three-bedroom home in England, found that green energy rates can work out to be around £300 cheaper than their usual counterparts.

Kermit the Frog was spot on when he said it’s not easy being green, as some families contradicted their environmentally-friendly efforts. Almost half of parents say they still have to nag their eco-warrior kids to switch off lights in unused rooms.

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