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A new whitepaper Omnichannel Loyalty – Designing the Ultimate Customer Experience, explores the need for marketers and businesses to interact with and engage their customers at the earliest stages of the transaction process and through all channels in a seamless and simultaneous manner.


According to Kobie Marketing omnichannel loyalty (OCL) is the next evolution of multichannel marketing, and is set to reinvent modern loyalty tactics across all communications touch points as the brand-consumer relationship is cultivated throughout the customer lifecycle.


“We believe that omnichannel loyalty is a natural progression from what already exists to some extent in the competitive multichannel marketing landscape today; instead of focusing on customers as they approach their sales decision, though, omnichannel loyalty connects consumers with companies across all marketing channels simultaneously,” said Michael Hemsey, Kobie Marketing president and whitepaper co-author.


 “Omnichannel loyalty comes down to creating highly relevant and unique communications to acquire, grow, engage, and retain customers using real time technology that drives customer behaviours. Kobie is excited to be a pioneer in leading that change.”


Instant Customer Engagement Empowered Through Mobile


As outlined in the Kobie whitepaper, the proliferation of mobile technology is causing marketers and loyalty providers to be ever present and increasingly more relevant to customers. Smartphones and tablets have become ubiquitous mobile devices with U.S. adoption rates nearing 50% of the population and tablets at almost 20%.


And with 80% of U.S. consumers now using the web to research and buy products, a lot of research is being performed by consumers while on the go. Because it is capable of tracking vital metrics including opt-in, coupon redemption and location awareness tracking, mobile has many implications in the development of an omnichannel loyalty strategy.


The Future Has Arrived (Almost)


One of the whitepaper predictions made is that one day soon, omnichannel loyalty providers will be able to connect with their customers in ways that seem fictional today. For example, shoppers will have use of 3D and augmented reality maps of department and clothing stores so they can get a true representation of the layout of a brick-and-mortar retailer – before they even consider leaving their home. While this example may futuristic, the strategic management and technology that monitors and captures an individual’s digital life already exists and over time will be able to determine how, when and where a customer wants to be engaged in an omnichannel loyalty framework.


“We believe our omnichannel loyalty whitepaper is a vital conversation starter and primer for marketers evaluating the best way to upgrade their current loyalty programs,” adds Carlos Dunlap, Kobie Director of Business Development & Strategy and whitepaper co-author. “This analysis was a needed first step.”


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