Future of Work

Fears over robots taking jobs are nothing new, but exactly how likely is it that an automated system could take your role in the next 20 years? The BBC has combined American research with information about jobs in the UK to create the following list of the jobs most likely to be consumed by the robotic uprising.

  1. Telephone salesperson [99 per cent]
  2. Typist or related keyboard worker [98.5 per cent]
  3. Legal secretary [97.6 per cent]
  4. Financial accounts manager [97.6 per cent]
  5. Weigher, grader or sorter [97.6 per cent]

Also with a 97.6 per cent chance of being replaced are routine inspectors and testers. If your job didn’t make the top five you can view the full list of 366 jobs and their risks of robotic takeover over on the BBC news website.

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