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The new issue of Engage Customer is out now and includes a mix of world class case studies, exclusive research on consumer’s favourite brands and thought leading articles on subjects ranging from the customer journey to the Internet of Things. 

Case studies include an interview with challenger utility brand OVO Energy whose customer service director Justin Haines says:

“The business is designed and run around the customer and built to adapt quickly and nimbly to the changing environment we operate in.  This means a number of things to ensure we differentiate from competitors. The majority of the management don’t have energy industry backgrounds and instead come from great retail brands which excel at customer experience and engagement.

“We invest in the best technology so that we are as rigorously cost efficient and user friendly as possible; we in fact consider ourselves a retail business first; a technology company second; and only as a distant third a utility. We don’t want to be a no frills energy provider, we want customers to enjoy their interaction with us.

“We are also honest and transparent about the price we ask customers to pay, ensuring that we pass any savings made on wholesale energy prices directly back to the customer, so when we save, they save and we are also fair and don’t offer short term introductory deals which soon shoot up, nor offer deals to new customers that aren’t open to renewing customers.

“OVO was founded with a singular and simple idea in mind: if an energy company was to be built from the ground upwards around what was best for the customer, what would it look like? This idea that an energy company should be designed and run with the customer in mind has been the foundation upon which OVO’s growth has been built, and it underpins our values that as company we treat people fairly, offer competitively priced products and are transparent and simple to understand. “

Refreshing to hear all that that from a utility!

We also have Molson Coors UK customer service director Laura Lee who says

“It can be too easy to sit in a meeting and make decisions that impact customers without putting yourself in their shoes and appreciating how it might land. We’ve created 12 distinct characters that represent our customer base, all based on real customers, and we’re siting them around our business, in meeting rooms and contact centres. The intent is to remind teams to include the views of our customers in their discussions in a fun and engaging way.

“Each character’s story will play out as the customer’s journey with us progresses – so they may buy more, or less, they may complain and we may well lose their business – but our employees will start to see how all of our actions have consequences. I like to think of it as a soap opera unfurling across the business!”

Sounds like a fun way to engage your employees to engage your customers.

Our Cover Story is based on an exclusive story from a webinar Engage Customer ran with Nunwood which focusses on Nunwood’s latest Customer Experience Excellence results from the UK  – and which stresses the fact that the top 10 in that league table – headed for the first time by first direct – put their employees first.

Enjoy this issue of Engage Customer and please give us your feedback


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