Customer management consultancy, Ember Services, has launched an innovative new service that it says will give UK contact centres access to advanced speech, text and social media analytics without the need for upfront investment in technology licenses or skills development. 

Ember’s ‘Managed Analytics’ service combines best-in-class technology with expert and insightful interpretation to provide comprehensive analytics capability on an ‘as needed’ basis.

“Analytics has been the talk of the town for sometime now, but adoption has been slow,” says David Naylor, recently appointed as Ember’s Head of Analytics’.  “Per-seat technology licensing deals and the cost of skilling staff to use it have meant organisations could not be confident they would achieve a return on their investment within an acceptable time frame.”  The Professional Planning Forum estimates that, currently, only between 6 and 12 organisations in the UK are using analytics in a mature way.*

Ember’s new service is predicated on the belief that most organisations do not need access to analytics 24/7/365.  Instead, Ember advocates periodic interventions, either to address specific issues or to monitor trends over time.  A single intervention of this kind, undertaken by Ember, will involve the analysis of several thousand interactions and result in a comprehensive report that summarises, not just the findings, but their implications for the business and a series of recommendations for improved performance. 

Ember Services says it  is experiencing strong take up for the service.  Among the first, Jo Williams of Merton Borough Council says “Managed Analytics has identified issues in our business that prevent 43% of Council Tax calls from being resolved at first contact and we are taking action to address them. It has also shown us how we can take action to reduce contact volumes by 21% and to move 12% of voice contacts to lower cost self service channels.  Ember has allowed us to focus our effort where it will deliver most value.”

Other deployments are also underway with companies in the financial services, insurance and telecommunications industries as well as with charities and local government. Managed Analytics can be applied in any contact centre environment and over multiple customer engagement channels.

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