Intelligent assistants are starting to become a preference as they help reduce wait times for consumers and increase efficiencies for companies.

At the Intelligent Assistants Conference in New York, experts said there were big benefits to be had for using these types of systems, not only for businesses but also for consumers.

Andy Mauro, senior director at Nuance, said: “What customers want is an outcome, a quick response to their problems. If an intelligent assistant can solve that problem quicker that is what the customer wants.

“Automation is instant, waiting in a queue to talk to someone is a profoundly disappointing experience. Not having a customer wait increases customer loyalty.”

According to Mauro, that is one of the biggest reasons why companies are implementing intelligent assistants – because it reduces wait times.

For example, at Domino’s in the US, the time taken to order a pizza has fallen by 50 per cent when it is done through its voice recognition intelligent assistant called Dom.

These systems are becoming so sophisticated sometimes the lines are starting to be blurred as to whether people are talking to an intelligent assistant or a person.

Amtrak uses a virtual assistant called Julie to help people on their travels. At Amtrak there has been some confusion amongst some customers about whether Julie is a real person or an intelligent assistant.

Allen Sebrell, director of eCommerce at Amtrak, said: “There is a big debate about whether people think they are talking to a real person or not.”

As time goes on it is likely these lines between talking to an intelligent assistant or a person will blur further as these types of systems become the norm.

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